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Recent Routing Issues with alter.net / high latency

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Recent Routing Issues with alter.net / high latency

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Hello all,


I recently (not sure on exact time/date) started experiencing high pings / latency issues to certain sites, and when I do various traceroutes, the issue seems to lie with the - teliasonera-gw.customer.alter.net link. 


Here is a example of a tracert:





I am in North Texas.


Let me know what else I can give you to help determine the root cause of the issue, or at least confirm there is nothing I can do from my side.


I already did all of the obvious stuff, reset router, PC, etc.. I am also still able to get my max throughput 75/35 is tests with SpeakEasy.net for example.


Thank you. 

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Re: Recent Routing Issues with alter.net / high latency

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I am on DSL and this is my route


user-name@pc-name:~$ traceroute zeroservers.com
traceroute to zeroservers.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (  0.366 ms  0.678 ms  0.782 ms
 2  L210.PHIL-DSL-RTR*.verizon-gni.net (71.242.247.*)  27.243 ms  27.536 ms  28.528 ms
 3  so-0-3-0-0.PHIL-CORE-RTR1.verizon-gni.net (  29.803 ms  30.953 ms  31.887 ms
 4  so-7-2-0-0.PHIL-BB-RTR1.verizon-gni.net (  32.889 ms  33.832 ms  35.407 ms
 5  xe-10-0-8-0.NY5030-BB-RTR1.verizon-gni.net (  63.002 ms  63.315 ms  63.808 ms
 6  0.so-6-0-3.XT1.NYC4.ALTER.NET (  44.890 ms  32.110 ms  31.767 ms
 7  TenGigE0-6-2-0.GW8.NYC4.ALTER.NET (  33.922 ms TenGigE0-4-4-0.GW8.NYC4.ALTER.NET (  49.153 ms TenGigE0-6-1-0.GW8.NYC4.ALTER.NET (  34.360 ms
 8  tinet-gw.customer.alter.net (  33.315 ms  34.472 ms  35.180 ms
 9  xe-8-0-0.nyc20.ip4.tinet.net (  38.789 ms xe-4-1-0.nyc20.ip4.tinet.net (  39.629 ms  40.539 ms
10  4rweb-gw.ip4.tinet.net (  40.065 ms  34.783 ms  34.917 ms
11  drive7080.zeroservers.com (  33.138 ms  37.129 ms  37.411 ms

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Re: Recent Routing Issues with alter.net / high latency

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Hi @dslr595148,


Thanks for sharing, but I am unsure how this could help my situation. I am not trying to be rude, just not clear.


I am in a different location (North Texas), with a different connection type (FiOS), and am not sure what to do with the information you sent me. 


Do you have any specific suggestions on what I could try to get another route, or help get an official reply from Verizon on why there is such high latency with the alter.net link?


Thank you.


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