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Recommended setup for "cord cutter"

Recommended setup for "cord cutter"

Copper Contributor kjohnston1231
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I am looking to come back to Fios for the 150/150 Internet. I had Fios in the pat so house is wired but currently have another broadband provider.

I have the following devices in the house: 1 smart TV and 2 TVs using Roku; a Tablo DVR; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; 5 computers; 1 iPad and 5 phones; 1 printer - total of 18 devices.

This will be internet only - no Fios TV, no phone.

Will the 150/150 support these devices? Recommended router? I don't think I have to have a Verizon router unless I have TV? Or will the Quantum work with all of these devices?

Thanks in advance for your help! Ken
Copper Contributor kjohnston1231
Copper Contributor
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Would also add that my original house is old with thick stone walls. Devices are split between 2 floors. Need recommendation for getting a strong signal to the second floor, too.
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Answer is that it depends:

If everyone tries to stream video at the same time, probably not.

How many people would be in the house at the same time?

No you do not need to use Quantum rotuer.

A number of people have preferences for other rotuers.

As for coverage, we can't say.
There are so many factors:

Where do you put the router

WHat brand of router

Do devices support both 2.4 and 5 Ghz signal.

Are there other people near you with WIFI that would leave congested airwaves


Ideally you can move the router to different spots in the house.

If you ahve an adroid device, download app called wifi analyzer. It will help you chart the ideal channel(s) to use as well as tell you strength.

Good luck.

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The metric you need to be looking at is how many people are streaming at the same time, not how many devices.  Our family of four gets along quite well on a 50 down plan. Two streaming at the same time is very common, three not unusual.

Copper Contributor kjohnston1231
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We have 5 people - the 3 kids are 25, 17 and 14 so the 25 will be streaming Playstation games or Netflix; 17 streaming xbox games or Netflix; 14 year old using her phone; wife on iPad, phone or streaming Roku TV and me on the computer......


We have Comcast/xfinity now. Router in the same room as the main TV and 3 times in a 1.5 hour movie (Netflix via Roku) it had to buffer. Didn't take long but long enough to cause my wife to say that we're sticking with cable if this is how it's going to be.


Comcast is at least twice the cost  for internet only so I'll be callign this week to switch to verizon. My understanding is that a minimum MBPS is required in order to get CAT5 instead of Coax from the ONT. CAT5 is what is needed in order to use my own router, right? I may get the Quantum on the monthly just to get it up and running while I figure out which router to get.


We had Verizon a year ago so already have the ONT bit not sure if it is the one we need for the higher MBPS.



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They might need change your ONT, but you def will be ethernet from ONT to router. At that point you can use whatever router you want. If you use the verizon router you could allway get a network extender to help with wifi coverage. everyone loves wifi for convenience, but it isnt the best solution for streaming as you have already experienced.. For stationary devices I would look into getting it wired to the router for 100% reliable connection to the router. A power line adaptor is always an option if you cant run a ethernet cable. If want to use wireless, I would go with an aftermarket router instead of paying to rent a verizon router

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The quantum is a sales pitch.   Just call them up,  mention your devices, and then find out.  Once you do that, you will be happy.  Then again, you never mentioned your living place or nothing.

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