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Relocating Router or Adding TV to Existing Router

Relocating Router or Adding TV to Existing Router

Contributor hragent
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Here's my situation.

1.  I moved my desktop PC upstairs and added a wireless adapter to connect to the router/Fios Internet.

2.  I moved a TV into the room where the router is and would like to now move the router upstairs to connect to desktop again but can I add an adapter to the phone jack for data or just

3.  Connect the TV to router but not sure if I use a signal splitter for the coax; one to the STB and one to the router.  Right now the coax goes directly into the router.


I would like to do whatever would be the easiest.  I use two laptops downstairs and signal is low so it may be even lower if I move router upstairs.

I've had my new Samsung TV for over a week and need a little help!  



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Gold Contributor VII
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The first questiom would be is the coax already connected to Fios in the room where you want to move everything? If it is then the next thing is the signal strong enough? You can either try trial and error and just hook it up and see if it works or trace out the coax from the splitters and add up the signal loss associated on that leg.
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You provide too little information for an informed recommendation. How is your router connected to the ONT (the box in your garage or basement that the Fiber cable goes into)?  If via Ethernet cable, then you'll have to run that up to your new location.  If coax, then you'll have install a splitter somewhere and run that up to yoru new location.  What "phone jack" are you talking abobut?  Neither FIOS routers nor FIOS STBs use a phome jack for anything.
Contributor hragent
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The router is connected via Ethernet cable, verizon put an adapter on the phone jack that converted that to a data jack.  Then the router also has coax attached that comes from the wall jack.  We have had a TV in that room previously but not sure if we had Direct TV then or Verizon.


I guess I'll try leaving the router downstairs and use a splitter on the coax-one for the STB and one for the router.

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