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Remote Desktop Connection no longer working

Remote Desktop Connection no longer working

Device: Laptop
Plan: FIOS
Location: Pennsylvania
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Hi, I really hope someone can please help me.   I just switched from Comcast to FIOS and I can no longer remote desktop to work - so I'm not getting paid until I can get it fixed.


The way that I was doing it before was to connect with a regular Microsoft VPN (I have Windows XP Professional), and then I would use Remote Desktop Connection to log into the work PC.  Since I switched to FIOS it no longer works on either my laptop with wireless or my desktop which is connected to the router. 


The VPN seems to be connecting OK; it says it is and it is sending/receiving a small bit of data.  But when I open the the RDC and try to connect using the PC name it says that the computer cannot be found.  I tried to connect to the IP address of it (after connecting through the VPN) and then it says it's found but cannot connect.


There is another location to which I log in using a Cisco VPN and then Remote Desktop - that still works just fine.  Nothing at work has changed; everyone else can log in with no problems, including everyone else with FIOS.


I honestly have no ideas at all; this is not my area of expertise to say the least.  If anyone could help I would REALLY appreciate it!


Thanks much!

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When you made the switch from your previous provider to FIOS, did you keep the same router or are you using a new Verizon provided router?

Device: Laptop
Plan: FIOS
Location: Pennsylvania
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It is a new Actiontec router. 


I finally got it resolved; one of my coworkers suggested checking to make sure that the IP addresses were not in conflict, and they were.  So, if anyone else has this problem, what happened was that the new router was assigning IP addresses to my PC's at home in the 192.168.1.x range, which was also the server at work's IP address.


So the really dumbed down version (for people like me!) is to open a command prompt on your desktop, run ipconfig /all, and then it will tell you your internal IP address.  (I was getting thrown off because the ROUTER'S IP address, which is the one you can look up online, was different).  If the PC's IP is almost the same as the server IP address, then you have to change the IP range on your router to something like 192.168.114.x.  There's directions if you google the router specs; I had to change it in three places on the router software; the router IP, the begin range and the end range.


Thank you, jumpin68ny, for starting to help me.  Hopefully now this may help someone else!

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