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Response time to outage

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Response time to outage

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We have Fios internet, phone and TV. Our main box went down this afternoon and we were told the earliest a technician can come out is 3 days from now. We are in Northern Virginia. I personally don't believe this kind of response time is acceptable in this day and age. When we were on Cox their response time in similar situations is usually within 24 hours. Can anyone comment on whether 3 days is really what customer should expect to live wih no internet or phone connection? I certainly would have expected more from VZ.
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Re: Response time to outage

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From my experience, most things are less than 24 hours.  I think if it's a major problem, IE a drunk driver hit a pole or a box or something, then that can take longer.   I guess in general it depends on what needs to be replaced or fixed. 


Also weather seems to hose things up, if there were moderate to severe storms, then a lot of their aged copper wires get hit the hardest, and those folks are priority due to old PUC laws, that dictate fines if they aren't repaired fast enough, so when that happens, they fill up the tech appointments, and then other things can get pushed back.   They do make special exception cases if you have special circumstances, we've seen them rush jobs for elderly or medical issues, things like that.


with no major storm or weather, like I Said less than 24 hours.

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Re: Response time to outage

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We were not told of any problems with lines. They seem to believe it's the box that has failed. I would understand if a line has to be fixed and it takes days, but in our case it appears to be purely an issue of lack of manpower. Maybe VZ needs more techs. Any suggestions on how to appeal for a faster response? I already called customer support and they couldn't do anything. I asked to speak with manager and was told he's out to lunch but that he would call back. Surprise surprise there is no call back . . .
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Re: Response time to outage

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Here in Annapolis, MD, all our FIOS services (TV, phone, internet) went down yesterday (9/3) at 8:30 seems a large truck took down a line over the road. Our entire block, if not a few blocks, are down. A ticket was filed and the initial estimate was a fix by 9pm. That wasn't great (12 hours) but...ok.


Checked ticket via mobile phone and estimated repair changed to 1am. 

Not good but at least before tomorrow.

This morning, not fixed, and now ticket says 5pm tonight.

That is ridiculous.

Before FIOS with POTS and DSL, linemen never took this long. Rumours of VZ substantially reducing their lineman force seem true...there's no other storms, no other bad weather issues anywhere in our area.


Over 24 hours...more like 32 hours, and that's IF they get it fixed by then.

It's just a stupid downed wire (which shouldn't have been hanging low in the first place).


I work from home. This is terrible. I use FIOS because of the reliability and its supposed to be is just outside my house, but apparently not down the street?


Completely unacceptable. I'll be looking at the Comcast promotions much more seriously these next couple weeks.


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