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Retention Manger just told me to Switch off Verizon

Retention Manger just told me to Switch off Verizon

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My FiOS bill recently went up $8. Yes, big money.  My plan online service still shows the correct price though I was billed the "new" price. The billing rep, who was very nice, offered to move me to a new plan, which would either be more $$ with less service, or allot more $$$ with a little more service (speed). I asked to speak to a supervisor as I could easily get a better rate from another provider.


I was transferred to the "Manager" of the retention team, or whatever the fancy name is that they call themselves. When I asked why I was not notified of the rate increase, I was told it was on my bill. I have paperless billing, and asked where it would say this. I was told I would have to download the PDF to see this.  So Verizon can send me a number of emails about different things, but raising my rate only is only on the paper or PDF version of my bill.  Also, the notice is ON THE SAME BILL AS THE NEW RATE - this is NOT a notice.  A notice is telling me 3 months ago that this would happen, and I’ve check my other PDFs, there is nothing there about this.


The "manager" went on to tell me he could lower my service and credit me a few dollars so the bill would be the same, or put me on a higher server and rate plan. My plan was grandfathered and no longer offered.  He then went on to tell me that my wireless provider could do this as well if I wasn’t under contract. Odd, I’ve been on the same plan with ATT for about 10 years, and have been out of contract a number of times and didn’t have that problem.   I said I will have to look another provider (I stated the C provider), of which he then made sure to tell me that they stink, I will have lots of problems with them, and Verizon is not concerned with the price of others because they are number one, and if I wanted the lower rates, maybe I should switch to them.


When I asked for a supervisor, I was told he was the top of the food chain.  I was not aware I was talking to the Verizon CEO. So if anyone above the retention team reads this, I think you need a new retention team, because the attitude and unhelpfulness is something I don't need to deal with right now.  In the meantime, I guess I’m going to call for a deal that gets me faster service for a cheaper price, and in 12 months when it goes up, it will be the same price I’m paying now for Verizon.  So much for retention.

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New flash, the CEO is not sitting by to take calls.


FIOS is better and they know it.  You will get a similar response if you try and get Lexus to match Toyota.  They are not obligated to make any price concessions to you, though demanding one sometimes does work.  When it doesn't, consider your options and pick what works best for you.  You made not need a Lexus.

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Bronze Contributor I
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Where I live, where Optimum is the competition, I'd say more like an Lexus v. Honda comparison than a Lexus v Toyota. 


Depending on where you live, cable companies may be able to offer you a similar package w/ comparable speed. The oversubscription problem cable used to have has been mitigated with the new DOCSIS standard. Fiber directly to the home is still really neat technology and a requirement for the really high tiers and especially high upload speeds but cable (some places) has gotten better (thanks in large part to FIOS.) 

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Nor should the CEO be, but there are other companies (Capital One for instance), that have public information (ie. e-mail addresses or phone numbers) readily available so that you can contact upper management or executives to voice your concerns about poor service and other things if necessary.


Here's to waiting for Google Fiber to be more readily available everywhere to light a fire under Verizon's as.s along with other service providers who have held a monopoly in their area for far too long while price gouging every chance they get.


My guess is that eventually Google will begin to slip too as they gain market dominance but you never know.


The best part is that a lot of the posts in this forum where people come to voice their frustration or look for more help escalating the issue are just responded to by people who say what a Retention Manager should never say: "Verizon is the best.  If you don't like it you can go elsewhere but good luck.".


If anything, they should be professional and have some more tact when letting their customers know that their hands are tied and there's not much they can do; but obviously there is as some people have luck getting prices reduced, given things promo'd for "new" customers instead of those that sign back on for another 2-year contract.


There's too much leeway in what some people get as opposed to others which causes more frustration as it's a crapshoot as to whether  you'll be treated "fairly" or not.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Maybe, but having seen the other side also, it is pretty amazing how determined customers get to maintain or get a new discount.  A false sense of entitlement that results in logic and rationality going right out the window.   They demand to speak to manager and ultimately the CEO getting uglier and uglier each step of the way. Anyone who demands to speak to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is a red flag.  Clearly they are not rational.


I am amazed at some of the things people say to customer support reps.  Should the customer support rep be professional?  Sure, though sometimes it simply is not possible, they are human after all and at some point the verbal abuse crosses the line.  One can be incredible rude without uttering a single profane word.  The irony is that the meager discount being contested is often not relevant, it is not about the money,  it is all about the caller. 


Having said that management does change the rules.  Promotions end, areas that were deemed as “competitive” with discounts, no longer are, new ones pop up. 


The smart ones are the people that call in and are as nice as can be, they are much more likely to succeed. 

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Same here, bill went up $8, but at the same time, Verizon is indeed the best -> reliable, fast, no data caps.  What to do? I finally reluctantly acquiesce to the price increase. 


It's still about $7 lower than their starting rates for FiOS Quantum 75/35 internet.

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