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Roku 1 Requirements

Roku 1 Requirements

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Hello and thanks for the assist.  


I'm planning to buy a Roku 1 streaming device.  One of their bloggers wrote that for Roku to work properly,

both router and modem need to be able to transmit at more than 100 mbps.   They added that if one's router/modem

are more than three years old, probably need to update.


From what I can see, my "Fios Internet" is rated 15/5.  That implies to me that I  will need to "update."

Is that correct?  And, if so, how does one do it?  (Just go to Verizon's next higher service plan?)


Thanks much, Tom R.

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I would not upgrade (yet). If you can get the Roku and have the ability to return it for a full refund, I would just hook it up and try it out. You may run into issues if you want to stream Full HD (1080) via wireless. If that is the case make sure your computer/laptop has a wireless N card and when/if you upgrade to a higher FIOS tier that you get the MI424WR rev I which is also N capable.

At this point do you have problems streaming full HD content from youtube?

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6usna6 wrote:

One of their bloggers wrote that for Roku to work properly, both router and modem need to be able to transmit at more than 100 mbps.  


That's nonsense.  A streaming service such a Netflix, Hulu or Youtube is in the neighborhood of 5Mbps.



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They are probably referring to the link rate.  Older G only routers had a maximum  link rate of 54Mbps.   Newer routers that offer N have link rates of 100+ depending on the number of streams.


The biggest problem with older routers is they don't have the processing power and memory to handle today's higher speed connections.   When I use my Linksys 54G behind my FIOS 75/35 connection it can't pass more than 30 - 40Mbps.


With a newer router your streaming will be be more reliable particularly if you plan on using WiFi.


As for the speed of the connection you need from your ISP I was able to stream Netflix in SD very well using just a 1.5Mbps connection.   What is more important than absolute speed is consistent latency.  If when your Roku calls for more data your ISP and/or the Internet  needs to be able to deliver it right now.  If your latency varies up and down this will result in buffering.  The Roku has very little memory so it is dependent in just in time data delivery


Adding more speed to your internet plan and purchasing the most expensive router are just steps to eliminate some sources of potential delay.


Since Netflix will work very well with a 5 - 10 Mbps plan and a medium priced N type router such as FIOS provides you should have no problems streaming Netflix.


The biggest thing you can do to reliably stream Netflix or any other video is connect you Roku to your router using an Ethernet cable.  If that isn't possible then use MOCA or Ethernet over powerline adapters.


You also might want to consider purchasing a newer Roku model that supports adaptive streaming.

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Thanks for all the great info.  Really appreciate your time and advice.  Tom R.

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Thanks for your advice.  Appreciate your time and effort.  Tom R.

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Thanks much for your very thorough info and advice.  I really appreciate your time and advice.

Tom R.

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For those who helped me out:  If I do, indeed, proceed to buy a Roku, will let 

everyone know how it worked out.  Again, thanks to all!  Tom R.

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