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Roku via Actiontec wifi

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Roku via Actiontec wifi

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I've had recurring problems with Roku not "finding" my wifi.  PC, Ipad etc get it fine.  After long discussions with no help from Roku or V tech support, I did a hard restart on the router and all was well.  For about five months.  Now I can connect the roku ONLY after a fresh hard router restart.  This also required re-registering with Roku, netflix, etc.

I can fiddle with the router page.  Nothing can be done to the roku, which suffers periodic updates.

Ideas?   Thanks

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Re: Roku via Actiontec wifi

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If you have an older Rev A Actiontec, now outdated, I would suspect that.

I had a similar problem with my Kindle until Verizon upgraded me to a "refurbished" Rev D.


Try channels 1, 6, or 11


Try changing the Wireless Routers SSID to someting simple with only alpha characters, like "doghouse" .


Might try different location of Roku, closer to router, just to see if distance is a factor.


I use a Nertgear 802.11n router plugged into my Actiontec router & have the Netgear handle the wireless clients, Roku too, and have disabled the Verizon wireless radio. 

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Re: Roku via Actiontec wifi

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mallwalker has some good advice.


I have a rev A Actiontec, and I could not connect reliably until I changed theActiontec's WiFi channel from "auto" to a specific channel -- I use channel 11.


I also had to raise the Roku box a little higher up.  Too bad the Roku doesn't have an external antenna.

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Re: Roku via Actiontec wifi

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Besides what has already been suggested, one other thing I would try is to try using WPA2 wireless security rather than the WEP.


I've had a couple of devices recently that would not stay connected using the WEP. But once I changed to WPA2 the connection remained stable.


Now dont ask me why. I have no idea why this has worked. The encryption should not cause it to constantly loose connection but the results speak for themselves. This solved the problem I was having with my Sony BluRay player and my Ipad. All other devices always remained connected but those two would constantly loose the connection no matter what I did, until I changed to the WPA2. Maybe it will help you too.


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Re: Roku via Actiontec wifi

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my roku works 15% of the time. I was told it was a Verizon problem not supplying enough information and it was suggested I swithch to COMCAST.

I would prefer to stay with Verizon.    PLEASE FIX!!


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