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Rollout Schedule

Copper Contributor skitzthegemini
Copper Contributor
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I'm in central Illinois.  Does anyone have any idea when FiOS will be available here?  Comcast has a monopoly right now and I'd LOVE to get away from them.
Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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we currently don't have a timeframe for service being in Illinois at this time sorry Smiley Sad
Contributor DukesZ
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I too am interested in a rollout schedule for FIOS.   I am in a suburb of Pittsburgh.   Some areas nearby are already receiving it.  


I find it very hard to believe that a company of the stature of Verizon does not have a project plan with target dates to roll out what is essentially a state of the art network.


I know it takes some work to lay the fiber cable, but someone must have an idea of when this will occur.


I am interested in upgrading my services and bundling them, but I do not want to make a two-year committment to Direct TV (thru VERIZON) if I could know that FIOS will be available within a short timeframe.


Come on and just give us an idea of when the FIOS rollouts will occur.

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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ok I don't have any info on Illinois as we currently don't offer serivce there I could give you an idea for the pittsburgh suburb if you tell me what it is
Contributor dconfer
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I would love to know if their are plans yet for central Pa. Clinton County Lock Haven Castanea area. This 1.5 meg dsl from verizon is killing me. I am about ready to go to comcast for more speed. I cant get anymore speed from verizon but I am paying for 3 meg service.
Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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it wouldn't be up there for a long time

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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please read the following regarding Fiber Availability in the network Verizon Fiber network  For Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin

Contributor cadgalva
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I am in Glen Allen, VA and in the Carrington subdivision, when will FIOS service be installed?  It is in all of the subdivisions around, but not this one.


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Contributor Suzieq
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It seems like New York State has a lot of areas served by Fios. We live in the town of Brighton, a suburb of Rochester New York. Is Brighton a possible new location for the service? We're champing at the bit!  

Gold Contributor I
Gold Contributor I
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Most of the time, most companies dont give specifics for when they will be rolling service out to a specific area, this is to avoid the competition from going out a month before and then getting everyone in the area locked into a contract so they cant switch. Basically, they give only the most generic announcements. For example there was a press release a couple years ago that said that verizon's goal was to have the fios service run to the entire verizon footprint (except for the most remote locations) by 2020.  And they will also come out and say. "we plan on running our service to select area's of Washington DC in 2009" (for an example) but wont say that it will be on 5th st or say it will be in november. They try to keep it as vague as possible to keep it from the competition for as long as possible. Its a marketing ploy.


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