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Router Price Increase

Contributor dqwdwqd
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I just noticed that my fios quantum gateway router monthly rental price went up by $2. 


This seems absurd given that I have 20months left on my agreement. 

I was told that this was because "The $2 increase in router rental charge is because some new features are added in your router now like home network protection which helps you with controlling parental control on your router itself . "

Nothing I asked for, nor was I notified of this. Is there anyway to get out of what's effectively a $40 increase in my contract?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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If you are paying $12 a month times 20 months your cost will be $240 over the 20 months. Solution: Buy a router.  You can get the Verizon G1100, their current top of the line router for about $60 on Ebay.  Then hook it up, and send the rental back

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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I keep seeing this “buy from eBay “ however it is not advisable to purchase any Quantum router from eBay or any site unless you know it’s not a Frontier flashed router which no matter what anyone tells you “will not function properly”


for $288 on a two year rental you can purchase a high end superior router from Netgear and Asus or TP Link, don’t settle for a substandard router as the Quantum Gateway G1100



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Verizon sells their returned routers in bulk to independent retailers for resale.  Alll that has to done, is to buy from a reliable seller who has a clearly stated return policy.  Most of these vendors are selling 'Verizon' routers not Frontier.  I know because I purchased one and it works exactly like the Verizon rental I use to have.  It cost me $60, 18 months ago.  You do the math if you think it was not worth it.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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It’s not worth the headache to look for a reliable retailer with a return policy.

there are many horror stories out on the net regarding sellers saying it is Verizon Fios flashed and not Frontier firmware. However many of the people that purchased state it was no return or refunds on numerous sell sites.


Amazon and eBay have buyer protections. Again if a customer is going to rent at $288 for a two year term or even longer they can buy a better router from Best Buy or other retailers than a crappy Fios G1100



Copper Contributor georgeny
Copper Contributor
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Noted same increase to me on contract price. Contacted Verizon via CHAT. Asked why and how they raise a two contracted agreement? They claimed that inflation and such a high quality router yada, yada. That increase was system wide. We all know the gateway is a crap router and besides not the question.


Question was I agreed to a two year contract  based on rates and discounts offered, what basis were they changing that. I also asked does that mean that I can now cancel without fee? To that they tried to upsell me on buying the crap router. Advised I didn't want ot own it!


Bottom line I told them the fix was simple, for them to live up to the contract agreement they made! If they failed to do so I would file a deceptive practices complaint with the New York State Attorney General's office. They then restored my original price, emailed me corrected bill as requested. Save me and them a lot of future hours on this subject. Had that not occured I would have proceeded as stated. I suggest you research laws of your state and persue a complaint if Verizon insists on breaking their contract with you.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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You did the right thing. In verizons terms of service (contract) any material change other than a tax increase (not Verizon surcharge increase) is grounds to cancel your service contract without penalty.


verizon will revert it to the original price structure if pressed. They don’t want to lose a customer. The wireless division had this situation about 10 years ago over some slight .99 cent charge. They were caught and had to revert it back.


you must be diligent as you have found out.

Contributor Teresita
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I found all your answers very informative! Thank you! What I found surprising is that Verizon didn't let us (costumers) know in advance of the $2 increase, they just increased it and posted a little note in the same november bill. 

What I also sadly noticed is that lately many companies, like national banks for example,  are taking advantage of us consumers in many ways, like advertising a special offer to make you apply for a product and then reversing themselves and denying the offer, even when the consumer has prove of the offer! 

Is this a sample of worst things to come for us the consumers? What happened to truth in advertisement and business decency and simple RESPECT!!!!! 

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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There was talk on many sites of the price increase. If it was on verizons I cannot say.

it would appear on the customers monthly invoice. However it is a material change and like I said if you press them they either revert it or lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in revenue for a $2-$3 price hike. It’s your decision.


i don’t use their router but my own. So I don’t have this issue. I also know when my non contract price increases via my monthly invoice. If it increases past my own imaginary price stop line. I drop them they lose thousands of dollars. I recently had my home rewired for cable. Just in case Verizon gets too greedy. 


But rentals are gravy for not only verizon but other services as well.


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