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Router Username and Password?

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Router Username and Password?

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When we were setting up our router we had troubles with the username and password. a person from verizon had to set it up from verizon.

today i went to go change some settings on the router and it asked me for the username and pass. i put it mine and it didnt work, i put in

admin and password and it told me the password was wrong. So how can i get the password so I can change these settings?

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Re: Router Username and Password?

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This has nothing to deal with cell phones, but I can point you in the right direction.

See as need be.. -> forums -> Knowledge Base -> What if you forget/don't know the password?

Full URL of the thread is:

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Re: Router Username and Password?

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try admin as user name and leave password blank 

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Re: Router Username and Password?

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thanks ill try those suggestions. and sorry i didnt realize this was the cell phones forums i figured it was the wireless intenet one my bad
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Re: Router Username and Password?

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Hello makingscents23,


You are in the correct forum for your question and to answer it the default username and password that gets set up by our technicians is admin and password1. If that doesn't work also try verizon1 for the password. If both of those do not work, push in the reset button on the back of the router for 15 seconds and the router will reset to defaults allowing you to change the username and password to whatever you want when you next connect to it.


Hope this helps,


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