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Router keeps dropping internet connection

Router keeps dropping internet connection

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Hey all,


I have the verizon branded wireless router. The router itself loses its connection to verizon and I have to reboot it at least 2 times a day to restore my internet service. Faulty router? I have reset it to factory settings once already. Any ideas?



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I'm having similar problems today.  My work VPN keeps dropping.  Apparently this is happening to a colleague who is also on FIOS, but not other people who are working from home through Comcast.

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Oh, and my colleague is in Massachusetts (near Boston) while I'm in Rhode Island (near Providence)

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Platinum Contributor II
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What happens when access is lost? Do you get an Amber light for Internet/WAN on your router? I'd take a good look at your MoCa signal levels to see if perhaps the problem is with some faulty Coaxial cable. Not too uncommon for re-used cable to start heading south after a while.


See this FAQ and tell us what speed your MoCa link runs at:


@cheerfulstoic: Do you guys see drops without the VPN running? We need to get the VPN out of the picture to verifiy where the problem is. Fire up a large download and let it run for a while, see if you can spot it around the times the VPN typically drops out if there is one. VPNs drop out if packets aren't being passed correctly through the NAT (your router).

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I am having the same problem.  MoCa levels are all above 200.  I am not using any VPN.  I or someone else in my house are just using the internet and it drops out.  It might not drop out for everyone at the same time, but it drops out for everyone at one time or another.  I have a brand new MI424WR Rev. 1.

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...oh, I am in Maryland near Wash D.C.

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My VOD is impacted too.  I am in my first 30 days of service and close to canceling.  I never had these problems with XFINITY!

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I'm having the same issue since December it's so annoying!

I Live in New York & I work from home so the internet is my bread and butter.

I can connect for maybe 1 hour to 1 1/2 the i will just drop off of wifi which is not cool since all my devices are in the same room as the router. I even swapped out the router and hopes that would help and it didn't. I had had to speak to several different people before I could get a supervisor to send out a tech. Once the tech came he swapped out my splitter and wiring and told me my Wifi keeps dropping becuase i have Mac Computers which I quickely stated if that is the case why is my kindle dropping?

I'm still having the same issue and now my computer with is connected to my ethernet is dropping & that is a run of the mill PC,

I'm considering going back to TWC.

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I also work from home, and live in Staten Island.  And yes, my Macbooks (2) have the worst wireless connection to the Actiontec (rev. F).  However, my PCs do run great, both wired and wireless, as do my iphones, and all other devices.  There has to be an issue with Apple and Verizon routers.   I've seen many complaints about Macs and the Actiontec routers.  And forget about connecting at all at night with the Macs!!! It's a joke!!!

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I use their router as a modem and use a Netgear router.  This fixed the problem for me.  The Verizon modems are apparently garbage and overheat.  Of course tech support was no help at all.  I fugured it out myself. 

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