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Router with MOCA

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So i've read a bunch of forums about this but can't seem to find the information.


they installed my fios router in the basement because thats where my ONT unit resides.  So i live in a 3 story house making network connection not the best.  I wanted to move the router upstairs as well as directly connect some of my units and started looking into MOCA.  


SO i took ethernet -> MOCA adapter -> coax moca splitter -> existing coax run upstairs -> coax to ethernet adapter -> plug ethernet in WAN of Verizon router


It works at first.  Seems I have to reset the moca adapter unit every few hours.  Is this not a proper setup?  Do i need to just add a access point and keep the router directly connected to the ethernet in the basement?  Any guidance would be helpful...


Forgot to add...I have internet only.

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While we get you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

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Usually I advise making sure whatever Coax connection is feeding the router with a WAN connection isn't sharing the same Coax that the router's coax port and the FiOS TV Set Top Boxes connect into. This avoids situations where devices will connect to the wrong MoCa network when performing an automatic scan.


If you subscribe to a speed less than 100Mbps, Verizon can probably switch your ONT to MoCa WAN instead of Ethernet. Any more than that and they won't switch it. Something to consider which may make fixing this easier.


Otherwise, whatever MoCa adapters are supplying your WAN connection should be set to use different frequencies from your FiOS router, for example to 1400Mhz instead of the default. The router uses 1150Mhz for LAN, and the ONT and Router uses 1000Mhz for the MoCA WAN.


Assuming you did this, the next thing I would do is check the coax and splitter between the two endpoints. MoCa typically works the best with RG6 Coax and would need a splitter that is rated for up to 1.8Ghz (granted you can also get by with a 1Ghz+ rated one). To get an idea of link quality, log into your MoCa adapter's web interface and check the link speeds. The manual should provide a range of speeds that help you determine the signal quality.

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