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Contributor miracle82
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I would like to put my two cents in about the new security sign-in pages.  Do you people realize how much extra time and key strokes it now takes to check your e-mail several times a day?  I also want to comment on the fact that you are deceiving the consumer by leaving a check box that says "save sign-in" when it no longer functions.  When this first happened I made three phone calls thinking that there was something wrong.  The first two times they told me there was a problem with the web page and they were working on it.  The third time he actually wanted to go into my  machine saying it was a problem with my system.  After I said no he finally admitted that this is the new system and I'd have to live with it.  It would have been nice on your part to give us consumers a heads up on the changes you were implementing on the site so we would not have to go through loops and spend lots of precious time on the phone to find out what what going on.  It would also have been nice if you had informed your customer SUPPORT staff so they knew what was going on.  Finally, if the box is no longer functional, then please REMOVE IT!




Contributor RexG
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Must sign in every time I check email (8 to 10 times per day) even though I check the keep me signed in (for two weeks) block. Veriszon tech support has told me everything from I have browser issues to I need to contact a computer repair guy to verizon is fixing sign in issue. Tech support takes control of my system changes my settings and tell me it should work fine now. They never fix it. When I try "In-House Agent Setup or Trouble shoot Email issues" I can't even get into it. It tells me "Invalid Account, try with correct credentials". Tech support said he could "Fix it at his end" and took control. No help again! Many frustrating hours signing in and trying to get suppot to fix it!! I have asked to speak with a support manager and never get a reply. Every thing on my system, including email (when I do get to it) works fine. They refuse to fix "sign in"  and "credential" issues, or don't know how to. What does it take to get the service I pay for??

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Copper Contributor miclac56
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@ElizabethS wrote:

Please refer to this post:  http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/VZW-URL-coming-up-on-the-VZT-Sign-In-Page-and-the-Ema...  

This response is the standard excuse we've been getting for weeks.  Howmany people have to complain about having to constantly sign in before something is finally done.  Till that times comes, I will continue to tell people to AVOID Verizon and I have told many people and will continue to do so till somebody at Verizon cares!  It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE

Contributor Cestmoi
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I also have been having a lot of issues with this new security sign in.  I sign in for email and it sends me to Verizon wireless, or tells me the server didn't recognize my device and I need to register it.  It's the same computer that I have been using for quite some time!  Sometimes I have to "retry" to sign in as the server couldn't connect.  Surfing the web is like running uphill in molasses. Have to refresh or click 2 or 3 times to get to page I want.


Cox is beginning to look better and better.


Also angry....

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Can you use VZ mail on a mobile device (phone/tablet) or use an email client such as outlook? I use Outlook 2007 and IPHONE and Android Tablet and don't have to constantly login.


Before switching Internet providers consider using GMAIL or another email provider instead.




Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Instead of using a browser to read your mail use a provided application to do it.  

Until XP went away that was Outlook Express now it is the Windows Live set of tools.  You enter your password once at setup and then your mail is automatically delivered to your machine when you open the application.


I belive there is also a 3rd party replacement for OE that runs on win7 and 8


Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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@viafax, if I'm not mistaken, Windows Live bundled with Win 8 won't work with POP email.  Time for VZ to get with the times.  Thus my mail reason for using GMAIL instead of VZ mail.  Provides syncro between many devices. (desktop, cell, tablet), delete on one delete on all!!!!



Contributor RexG
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WHEN will verizon have this issue FIXED? We've been told by your tech support to "rest assurred it will be fixed soon" after SEVERAL WEEKS of deneying any fault and CAUSING more delay. It's IMPORTANT to know WHEN so we can make the choice of waiting for verizon or going elsewhere. DO you have ANY IDEA WHEN this issue will be fixed??? And WHY do "SOME customers have the problem" and some don't? This problem (for me = 240 EXTRA keystrokes per day X two months) is getting very agravating. WHEN, WHEN, WHEN will your email work as advertized?

Contributor tommy_toto
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I doubt that the new security login will deter a motivated hacker, but it certainly discourages Verizon customers from accessing their mail.


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