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Self Organizing Network

Contributor CarlAylman
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My iPad would not connect to the SON network at all, no problem with two iPhones.  My iPad always functioned best on 5G before.  I turned off SON and my iPad functions again.

Contributor The-Bud
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Registered: ‎05-18-2018
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When i first got my initial fios service with the quantum gateway router (the vertical slim black router),  about 5 years ago, the initial install by the technician had both networks using the same SSID name.   This must have been the first version of SON.  Supposedly my devices (my mobile phones) were supposed to switch between the 2 bands seemlessly.  It seemed to work at first, but after a while I often I found that once a device moved off of the 5 ghz to the 2.4 network, it would NOT move back to 5 when the device moved to the same room with the router - just feet away from it.  However, you were unaware of this, unless you logged into the router and looked at what network your device was on.  But at least my devices were connected.     

Then sometime shortly later, a verizon firmware update was pushed, and problems started happening.   Often a cell phone got stuck and could not connect to either network. The router said it was on one of the networks, but the phone could not connect to either.   And... when your phone cant connect to wi-fi, it then connects to the cell network for data... and when you dont have and unlimited cell plan (but only 6gb/month), the next thing you know, you get the "you've used 90% of your data plan" message.  Only a reboot of the router would reset this, so the phone could get back on one of the wifi networks. 

The solution that I was told, was to use 2 different wifi networks, which is what I did.


Ever since then I've been much happier running with 2 distinct network SSID's (plus a guest wifi network), and my connections are more stable.   I still dont have unlimited data, but when I'm running low, now I know it's cause the kids are using the data outside of the house; and not the failure of their phones to connect to wifi in my house.


Thus, I will NOT be enabling this for sure, and hope that the next time Verizon (or I) reboot the router, that SON=YES is not going to be the new default !


Another gripe with this update is that about 6 months ago, a update got pushed out that disabled the option to use MAC filtering.   I found this out becuase I was going to look at enabling it.   I read that  a new firmware "coming out soon" would restore that function.  Now I see the Mac filtering is gone for good, and instead replaced with something else that you control via the MyFios app.   


I'm about ready to dump both FIOS as well as Verizon cell service.   Took away my "Free HBO for LIFE" promo that I got at FIOS signup.   My internet plan was 50mb with a recent "good customer" upgrade to 100mb for free.  But if I want to go from my 100mb to 200mb it's a crazy additional $65 per month.   Or if I want to go from my 100 mb to 75 mb (yes a downgrade), it's an additional $45 per month.  Pricing makes no sense.  Any change to my tv plan will reduce channels & increase price.    But alas, my woes unrelated to SON.

Contributor Cloud_IT
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Registered: ‎12-11-2019
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theoretically a good sounding idea but I would avoid if most devices eventually end up on 2.4 instead of 5 .


i don't use it and my network is parse out as I want it by me.


verizons biggest problem is their quantum router is terrible with signal strength; specifically 5g band.



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