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Setting up DMZ on Fios Router

Setting up DMZ on Fios Router

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Correct. The G1100 will become a client of the D-Link network. 


Your also correct that the G1100 will get an IP from the 192.168.0.X network (d-link network). This won't be a problem, because it sees that IP as its WAN address. Here is a better way of describing it:


Your D-Link will give the G1100 an address of The Verizon box uses this as its WAN IP. Whenever the STBs connect to the Verizon box, it will hand out 192.168.1.X IPs to them. This is called a Double NAT. Its not ideal for normal networking situations, but the set top boxes don't care in this situation. The set top boxes will still get internet by going from: STB ( -> G1100 ( -> Dlink ( -> Internet


Basically  back to the roots of your question, this would not interfere with the set top boxes, because the G1100 treats the 192.168.0.X from the D-Link as WAN, and therefore a completely seperate interface from its LAN interface, which is configured for 192.168.1.X. 


I apologize if thats not the most clear explanation in the world, but hopefully I could convey the idea. 


As long as your D-Link dosen't hand out 192.168.1.x (the same range as the G1100), you won't run into any trouble. 


If you don't mind me asking, just out of pure curiousity, what model D-Link router do you have? 

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I bought the Dlink DIR-890L/R.  It seems to be tried and true.  A couple weeks ago I purchased the DIR-895 (maybe overkill) but the 2.4ghz didn't work out of the box.  Further research showed the 895 had lots of problems based on Amazon reviews.


Your explanation is perfect.  Basically, using the Dlink as primary swaps the double NATing to the G1100 but as long as I don't need to talk to my DVR externally (it wouldn't be found), I'm in business.  Besides, I'm considering getting a TiVo setup.  Any thoughts on TiVo?


I'll be attempting all this tomorrow when I'm back at the house.


Great conversation! 

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Well, after following all listed instructions (Thanks JustinG!), I've been successfully using my own router and using the Fios router for TV purposes.  I've had no issues.


I've now added a Quantum DVR, and while I'm up and working now, it wasn't easy.  Basically, the Media Server (DVR) couldn't activate with my setup (primary Dlink router, secondary Fios router).  I had to connect the Fios router back up as primary.  (Apparently, the activation process required the Fios router be seen?).  At any rate, the activation worked and I again followed the listed instructions and my Dlink is primary again and the DVR works.


New question:  I'm adding a client box to the system (to utilize the whole house DVR capability).  I'm assuming I'll have similar problems with activation, but I'm concerned with the the Media Server being able to talk to the client box when I ultimately connect my Dlink router as primary.  Any thoughts? 

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Question: does this setup also work for the Netgear Nighthawk router? I currently have my G1100 as primary & my Nighthawk behind it. I would like to use my Netgear as primary, but both the routers default IP addresses are the same (ie: I too have a DVR & another STB. How would I configure the IP’s in this case? Should I just lower the second to last digit on my Netgear (make the 1 a 0, or make the second to last digit a 2 on the G1100?

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SHould be able to do the same config regardless of router model.

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