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Since signing up with Verizon, I've had a problem with access to Gmail via desktop clients (that worked fine on Comcast). I've raised it several times on these fora, with no useful solutions. I've been on the phone with Verizon for hours, and they've barely admitted I'm a customer, let alone solving the problem. And they're only open for calls at limited times - mostly when I'm at work.


Now, everything is slow - 910 kbps on Fast.com, 2.83 mbps on Speedtest. Don't ask how fast on https://www.verizon.com/speedtest/ - the site's been working on that for 20 minutes.


I'm fed up with this. I chose Verizon over Comcast, because of a) it's not Comcast, b) faster speed, c) lower cost. The thing about Comcast, though, was a) you can actually reach their crappy customer service, and b) when it works, it works.


So, Verizon, since I can't reach you easily in any other way - either fix this problem, or I'm giving up and going back to Comcast, which, astoundingly seems to have better service.

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I think I mentioned this in the past. If the service is not working then take your business elsewhere. That gmail issue has to be a local issue. I know many here use it like I do with no issue. So it’s not blocked by Fios. Clear your cache and cookies and even look to see if your firewall is blocking it on the router level. The only change from cable broadband was you went from a modem to using only a router. 

If you are using your own router (not a router/modem combo) set it back to factory specs. Also have Verizon reset the ont and their router if that is what you are using.

the problem I originally had was I had my router (I used a modem & router with cable) I forgot to clear out the routers settings before I placed it on my Fios connection. Once I reset it back and rebooked it the baby hits 940/940 most of the time with the gigabyte speeds.

You say you checked for answers but a simple search of this forum would in most cases have given you the answer. The speed you are provisioned for is not in your post but call 1-800-VERIZON speak to a tech and see if you are provisioned properly.


hopefully all this long post I gave in answer to you will sort the issues out.

remember Fios has nothing to do with your non access to gmail. That is a local issue.

Good Luck


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Gold Contributor VII
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Via looking at your previous posts, I see that another CL said Fios is not in Oregon and that it’s Frontier. So this is not even the correct forum.



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