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Slow internet speeds

Contributor Billzy22
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Just moved into new apartment and signed up for my first plan with Verizon. I went with the gigabit connection. After install I speed tested and was only getting 500/100. Called Verizon and talked to a "tech" who had me do everything but blow into the router like an old school super Nintendo cartridge. After 2 hours and 15 minutes and about 60 speed tests later they decided to send out a tech to my apartment.


Me and the tech tried 4 different ethernet cords, 2 different routers, and 2 different Verizon boxes on both the xbox 1 x and my laptop all with pretty much the same results. While hardwired to the router I was getting anywhere between 400-600 mbps download and 100-150 upload on either device. 


Then we tried hardwired straight to the Verizon box bypassing the router and speeds increased a little bit, the best speed test we saw was about 500/500 using this method. 


Basically I was told that I'm getting 900/900 to the Verizon box but something between that and my devices is making it slower. But they have no clue what it could be. We tried 2 routers both with same results. I've even tried cat 7 ethernet and still same speeds. Downstairs neighbor is having same speed issues as well which was brought up but they say they checked all the fiber and it's running fine.


I'm not the biggest internet tech but I know my way around pretty well but now I'm doubting myself. Any ideas or tips on how to get the right speeds would be appreciated.

Debating whether or not to either cancel plan since I've had for 3 days or to downgrade to lower speeds. I dont wanna pay premium price for the same speeds as the base internet package. Very disappointing as I've had 150/150 mbps package at my parents house before this for years and I've bragged to friends and recommended fios to people because of the speeds being so consistent and only having it go down 2 or 3 times over all those years

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The issue is verizon is stating the speed is up to their ONT from there your service and a neighbor both have speed issues. Like any service it is not "infinite" but finite. What you share slows you down. My wife runs the shower my kitchen faucet slows down a bit. I understand I have great water pressure but if I open all spigots it does not stop the water but slows it down.


did the tech or you take a computer and hook directly into the ONT? Test should show your speed. If you have a older system or a slow nic card or a slow processor it will not show fast speeds.


you could go to a lower speed as you suggest and see if that is any better.

only wired speeds are what verizon fios recognizes is hard wired and no wifi.

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Platinum Contributor III
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If you're using the Verizon router, does the "Device speed test on the Verizon Speed test website show the correct speed, or the same results? If the device speed test is still lopsided, the tech may want to try changing your PON port assignment, or having the CO check the health of your PON.

Contributor Billzy22
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Registered: ‎10-03-2019
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We did try connecting directly to the ONT with slightly better results but highest was around 500-600Mbps.  Most of the time the upload was about 100-200Mbps slower than the download. If I run a speed test using router its is pretty much 500-600 Mbps download and a staggering 90-130 Mbps upload. I'm on my own network with only 2 things connected (xbox one x and cell phone). At my old place i had 150 Mbps package and literally any time of the day it was always 150+/150+. And that was with about 10-12 devices hooked up to the router

Contributor Billzy22
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎10-03-2019
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The Verizon speed test shows same results (actually a little worse) as every other speed test I've tried. It's odd,  but they have 2 speed tests when you use theirs. There is speed from ONT to device, and a speed from Verizon to ONT. Every single time it shows perfect 950/950 from verizon to ONT (go figure) and the speed from ONT to my device is slow.


When the tech came back she literally re-installed everything from fiber to the device. New ONT, new ethernet cable from ONT to router, new router, new ethernet from router to device, etc.

Contributor Cookieset
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Have you managed to fix it? Having same exact issue and a tech coming in 2 days. 

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