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Slow speed of Fios Internet Connection

Slow speed of Fios Internet Connection

Contributor Howard
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Registered: ‎08-02-2008
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I switched from cablevision when I moved thinking FIOS was going to be so much faster. It is slower than my old cable modem. I have not been very impresed with FIOS internet and the television guide and functionality is not as user friendly as cablevision. Am I crazy or is the speed etc not all it's advertised to be.
Contributor diane
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Registered: ‎08-03-2008
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I had Verizon DSL before going FIOS - I don't care what they say, or what the tech tries to tell me, I know I had less trouble, less downtime, and faster speed with the DSL.   I was never down not once - unlike FIOS where I'm down several times a month & have to reboot over and over again.
Copper Contributor blindlarry
Copper Contributor
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Hey Howard, Two thing I would like to mention. My experience is fios is way faster than cable. I have the 15/15 and soon to be 20/20. What has helped me with the upload speed is to run tcp optimizer from www.speedguide.net.  Upgrade your speed and you will be jazzed beyond!!

If you signed up for the basic slowest speed, you do need to upgrade to he satisfied.

All the best,



Copper Contributor msfttechigirl
Copper Contributor
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I have phone, internet and TV all through Verizon. I have had no issues with speed. I sometimes had 3 laptops on a wireless network and even then there wasnt a noticeable impact on speed.

Copper Contributor Paul
Copper Contributor
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What actual speeds are you seeing? What package do you have?



Copper Contributor blindlarry
Copper Contributor
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I don't think the verizon speed test shows true results. I use My Speed and it shows me the true speed. It is consistantly these results......

Download speed  15573 Kbps (socket test) Upload speed  15284 Kbps (socket test) Quality of service  99 % Maximum delay  10 ms Round trip time  19 ms


You can check your speed at this site. Choose the server nearest to you. Mine was LA.

Don't forget to try the conection optimizer at: 



This works for me!

Good luck,

Larry in Sun City, Ca

Contributor Jodokast96
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The problem with the Verizon test is two-fold.  First, it's just often not accurate.  Second, there is only a single location for the server, so distance to it get's factored in.
Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Try running the Verizon Connection Wizard software. verizon.com/connectionwizard
Contributor fedexmonkeyboy
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I was initially hooked up with ethernet which gave me a great deal of problems. I am currently with a coaxial connection, Which I was told is impossible for internet. {please keep your posts courteous}  I actually had to help a tv intaller get me back on the internet.I am recieving better service, faster connection speeds(upstream and downstream). I was wandering if it was a possibility to be totally all fiber optic- from the outsde to the router and into the computer and also the tv recievers? I have heard thatmost modern(newer) homes are having fiber optic cable installed instead of the old coaxial cable.
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Contributor fedexmonkeyboy
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Registered: ‎08-09-2008
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try an independent speed test. I tried one with multiple locations- Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Indy and New York to check short and long distances and it seemed to be more accurate to me. I found it through a search, I forget the URL, but it worked better than Verizon's Speed test.
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