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Slow speeds 50/50

Contributor Zorb
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I just got verizon Fios and didnt get there router I just have my router and called them to switch the modem from coax to the ethernet for internet. I was wondering if doing that results in low performance. I currently get 30/6

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Gold Contributor VII
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Your speeds should be 50/50 whether on ethernet or coax with or without a Verizon router. 

Where are you testing speeds at?  What router are you using? Are you running speed tests while hardwired?

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I have always had my service coming in via Ethernet and my router is a Linux box. I had 50/50 for quite a while and consistently got about 60/63.  I now have 75/75 and the Verizon Speed Test results from a moment ago were:




The download speed is usually even higher, but there's an HD video stream ongoing at the moment.


Something else must be going on if you are getting that speed on a hardwired connection. If your service was 100/100 or greater then Verizon would use Ethernet rather than coax as that's able to handle faster speeds. (It may be 150/150 - I don't remember the exact cutoff.)

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
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VERIZON SPEED TEST  new 9 2 2018



Here are my results

What does a “Good” device test result mean?

Your Fios subscribed speed: 50/50 Mbps

Your device speed: 58/64 Mbps

Based on your connection type, we consider your result to indicate a good connection to your device. Click here for information on improving your speed.

How you connect to the Internet may impact your speed. Ethernet is often the fastest and most stable way to connect to the Internet, while Wi-Fi offers unparalleled convenience. Wi-Fi enables you to carry the Internet with you into any room of your home, but at the potential cost of connection speed.

All connection types will be impacted by the capabilities, processor power, and utilization on your current device.

 Perfectly Happy with my current set up .


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Contributor Zorb
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The test is hardwired and the router I have is a Nighthawk x8

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