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Slow upload - and - tired of techs closing tickets

Slow upload - and - tired of techs closing tickets

Copper Contributor Just_Mike
Copper Contributor
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try this again since the upload is so bad my post times out:


Hey VZ; check out this thread - same issues: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-Internet/Slow-upload-speed-on-evenings-for-almost-2-months-now-on-...


Last post is mine.  75/35 with actuals at 84/1 (when the test does not time out)


Just fix it.  Someone own the issue and fix it.


It's not my computer - optimized


It's not my router - replaced


It's not my premise wiring - tech tested router at demark with his computer, same issue


So, hmmmmm


think about it


give it a minute...


rocket science....


It's a network issue not at the customers location!  Tech on chat right now still wants to send someone here to fix a problem that is clearly not going be solved here.


So listen, I'm in the IT business and just wonder the costs of sending a truck out here for a 5 min "not my problem, can't fix it", pass the buck and close the ticket really is.  I mean, I almost want to keep this up just to have your costs skyrocket to resolve this at this point - some internal satisfaction that somewhere, someones metrics get hosed.  Your customer has done better troubleshooting than you have


Quit letting techs close this ticket - on 2+ weeks of trying to get this resolved now....



Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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@Just_Mike wrote:
... 75/35 with actuals at 84/1 (when the test does not time out) ...


I don't believe you can get 75/35 with either HSI or DSL, which is what this forum addresses.  Perhaps you'll have better luck posting in the "FiOS Internet" forum.  Good luck.

Copper Contributor qtippy
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Same problemhere, In Plano, TX.


Tech came troubleshoot a ton of stuff. When he left, told me play with RWin buffer just to get Verizon speedtest to work (which still doesnt work), and then closed the ticket. I called Verizon back to have a tech come and replicate my upload issue with a Windows laptop (rather than Android tablet), but they refuse to unless I shell out 91 bucks.


Collection of recent threads with same exact issue:






Copper Contributor Just_Mike
Copper Contributor
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So, after 2 contractors I finally get an employee that cares to come out.


He replaced the outside box (a waste) and when he was setting it up was showing me how the system was "rebuilding" the circuit  (all interconnects are done electronically now).  He actually did this twice, as it was so porely done the first time that what was likely causing the issue and the second time the latency was too high.


This likely could have been done over the phone, wthout a router and outside box replacement - and 3 trucks rolling to my house.  What a waste.....


84/36 now on a 75/35 plan - nice  🙂

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