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Slow upload speed

Slow upload speed

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I have the 20/20 service, yet I'm only getting a 20/10 speed (my upload shows only 10 mbps).  Are there any tips on fixing this?  Could I have some screwed up setting somewhere?  I have the ActionTec router and I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.
Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
Plan: FDV\75 down 75 up
Location: Floral Park, NY
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Have you tried running the Verizon Connection Wizard software?
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Tried it. It did nothing. Any other ideas?
Device: Motorola Droid
Location: Syracuse, NY
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What website are u testing the speed at? Try going  alot of speedtests on the internet are not able to accurately test upload speeds over 10meg. Also make sure if you have any internet security programs (norton 360, Verizon Internet Secuirty Suite aka VISS, etc) firewall turned off. Are u testing this on a wireless connection.. Wireless connections are not always as fast as wired connections due to signal loss.



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I was testing using  I'll try the site you mentioned, but the person that did my installation recommended this site.


I also need to mention that verizon upgraded my service from 15/15 to 20/20.  Prior to the upgrade, I was actually getting 15.5/13.2 from the test on  With the upgraded 20/20 speed, I'm only getting 20.7/9.8.

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I have this same exact problem too. When I first got FIOS I had 15/15 service and my upload was consistently close to 15mbs with every test site. Every since I went to 20/20 service, my upload speed has been much slower, usually 8-10Mbs. I'm considering just going to 20/5 (or whatever the next step down is) if it can't be fixed, which would be a bummer.
Bronze Contributor III
Device: Assus Tablet Droid
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
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do one or more of the TCP speed optimizers available for free.  personally I like the TCP Optimizer found under Broadband>broadband tools at the web site
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I had this problem and what I did to fix it was to shut off the router and reboot the ONT by unplugging it and remove the battery for about 10 Mins.

Then I re-powered the ONT and turned the router back on.  Before I did this I was getting 20 / 10-11 after its been 20/19 going the non-verizon 

speed test sites.



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