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Solution to router reset issue with Actiontec routers

Solution to router reset issue with Actiontec routers

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It is sad that with what I spend each month with Verizon that I had to find my own solution.  My monthly bill is $275 with 3 phone lines, 7 STB (3 DVR) and Quantum internet.  My router was resetting sometimes once per hour making working from home very difficult at times.


The solution.  Buy your own router and use the Actiontec router only for the MoCA connections.  I found a step by step guide for how to add a new router as your primary router while maintaining most if not all of the FiOS TV functionality.




I bought the ASUS RT-660 router:



You initially make the computer's IP address static and change it to a higher number.  You then go into the Actiontec router Advanced settings and change its IP to and turn DHCP off and then turn the wireless off.  Plug the WAN cable from the Actiontec router into the new router and set up the new router.  Once you have the internet connection you connect the Actiontec router to the new router via LAN ports and you will no longer have your internet dropping because your internet will be powered through a router that isn't a piece of crap.


Why Verizon isn't offering this solution I don't know.  Verizon must have spent over $1bn on service calls and lost customers due to the crap that is Actiontec.  You figured that by now they would have found a new router or would publish instructions for customers to use their own routers.


I hope that this helps as I was fed up with my internet dropping several times per day.

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I reviewed the FAQ link you posted from DSL Reports.  Threre is quite a bit of discussion on the thread about not being able to remotely access your DVR to schedule or delete recordings, but all of the posts are from a couple of years ago.  Is everything working for you or have you found any functionality to be missing after replacing the Actiotech as the primary router.  Thanks for your help.

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The only way I've found to get the majority of features to work (such as on-demand, etc), still have the 'use the Verizon website to control your DVR' fail. If they'd talk more about what ports and protocols it used, I'm sure it would work fine with someone else's router (or worst case, setting theirs up purely as a MOCA bridge), but they won't.


The"three router" solution is the one that works the best.


Front router (connected to your ONT) is the new non-verizon one.

An intermediate router (wan port connects to your front router).

The Verizon router (wan port connects to your intermediate router).

    The coax port on the verizon router connects to your in-house coax, to provide the moca bridge for your set-top boxes.


The front router gets and address from Verizon. The wan ports on that one nat it, to an inside address (192.168.x.x for example). The intermediate router's wan port gets an inside address. It nats it back to the verizon address range. The verizon router's wan port gets an address from the intermediate router, that is programmed to issue the exact same address that the front router got from verizon.


You make port forwarding carry all the set-top box stuff down from the front router to the verizon router.


From the perspective of the Verizon back end, your address is the one they're expecting. They're not so aware of the front router at all. It completely puts the onus of troubleshooting your network on you, and it can go horribly wrong, and is very complicated. On demand, pay per view, and home multi-room DVR stuff all work fine, but managing it from the web page generally speaking doesn't work. All of this is by design on Verizon's part.


Currently, because of all of the network issues I've been seeing in the last few weeks in Virginia, I've torn down my complicated build, gone with a 'new' router from Verizon (which isn't very new at all, but is better than the outdated crap they'd given me previously), and have their router directly on the ONT ethernet to reduce any second-guessing who has the fault of the lousy performance I'm getting. It allows me to have a hardwired computer for troubleshooting, on all VZ equipment, to reduce places where I could have inflicted harm on my own connections. This can be invaluable for getting meaningful troubleshooting and action taken by VZ, who generally speaking, only want to keep rebooting your premise equipment whether it will actually help or not.

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