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Speed Varies Greatly Throughout the Day

Speed Varies Greatly Throughout the Day

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I have the FiOS 25/25 package. Usually my download speed, as measured by the Verizon Speed Test program, is 15 Mb. Occasionally it gets above 25 MBps. More often, however, it gets very slow. I just measured my download/upload speed to be 0.27 and 2.36 respectively. I'm using a WiFi connection, and am currently the only connected device in the house. While I don't expect to get the 25 MBps download speed on WiFi, I would hope that it would be at least around the 15 MBps speed. Why does it get so slow at various times of the day, and what can I do about it?


Does anyone know if Comcast has the same issue? My Verizon contract is almost up, and I'm considering switching to the only other available broadband service in my area (Comcast) because the FiOS internet speed is so variable.


Thank you

Copper Contributor cf4282
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i'd be glad to help ;->


issue with variations in speedtest results depends mostly on ENVIRONMENTAL coditions.. you can try downloading IHA (In-Home Agent) from verizon.com/connect .. It has a speedtest TS and also (even better) a wireless environment tester.


hope that helps .. please remember the optimal range on the Actiontec (silver band) is approx 25-30 ft and the Actiontec Red band (class N) has a range twice of silver band router. You can upgrade an Actiontec (silver band) to a class N actiontec by purchasing at verizon.com/fiosaccessories


honestly, changing providers probably wouldn't help your situation as much as just TS properly 😃


things to remember:


1) make sure RTR (router) is not on a metal stand

2) keep all IR transmitters/receivers away from path from RTR to PC/laptop. (Ie: cordless phones, baby transmitters, other wireless devices)

3) keep away from fluorescent lighting

4) if you have chicken wiring and you expect signal to get past a wall, give it up. look up ferret cage if you dont believe me

5) make sure you aren't trying to pass a signal past heavy objects like mirrors or refridgerators, etc

6) use IHA to map signal traffic (conflicting signals) and find best channel available (choice is 0 thu 11)

7) make sure antenna is not loose and the wireless pattern from antenna is like if the antenna is up as a donut shape signal on a horizontal axis so if you point the antenna to a direction where the horizontal axis hits a dead spot, you may get better wireless signal quality

😎 if you get no wireless connections showing in you wireless connection list, make sure that wireless is not off on the laptop

9) if you get limitted connectivity on your wireless connection or you cant connect wireless on phone (and you can on other wireless systems), you'll need to kill the configuration for your network and negotiate the wireless connection again. on devices you may have to 'forget network'. renegotiating wireless depends on RTR type. default is WEP for silver banded Actiontec and WPA2 for red banded Actiontec. If all Wireless connections fail, then reset the RTR and renegotiate your connection(s)

10) you may be able to move the Actiontec to a better location in the house if the RTR doesnt have an eth cable plugged to WAN port by taking RTR and hooking it to another COAX jack. If there's signal, the WAN COAX will light up. If you decide to splitter a 2 way splitter from wall to STB (Verizon TV Box) and RTR, make sure you use a 1.5 GHZ splitter or better..



whew..ok.. thats just a summary ..

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I know this is an old post but to anyone else this answer feels like total **bleep**. I'm having the same problem with a Gigabit connection that is wired via ethernet. Speeds vary from ~300mbps to ~130mbps (most of the time) and lower. This is using a quantum ethernet port with verizon's speed test only minutes apart with only one device connected and no other active webpages.

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