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Sudden slow download speeds just outside of DC

Sudden slow download speeds just outside of DC

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Sudden slow download speeds just outside of DC

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I am just outside of DC, and I am experiencing the same issue many seem to be having in northern Virginia.  This is the 3rd day I have been experiencing this - it was all perfect until a few days ago.


Verizon first blamed my wireless connection, so I plugged in via ethernet.  Then, they blamed the router, so I got their new one.  Next, they blamed my browser, so we "optimized".   None of this helped, so after 6 collective hours on the phone, they finally agreed to send a tech.


The Verizon repair guy just left.  He had it working acceptably for a while, but as soon as he left, the speed dropped dramatically.


I am now back to 1 - 3megs download speed, when I am accustomed to 42 megs download speed. 


Unfortunately, my livelyhood depends on having a strong connection, so I am going to have to go back to Comcast.  I just can't bear another collective 6 hours on the phone with Verizon support insisting this is an issue with my hardware, when every computer I connect with and every router they send me produces the exact same issue.


Testing on the in-house Verizon speed doesn't duplicate the issue.  Since my speed starts out strong for the first few dozen seconds, the test is over before the speed dwindles down to under 1 meg. 


But I have been sending giant files back and forth to work for 2 years with Fios.  I used to be able to download a gig in 6 minutes average.  Those same files, from the same source, now take 8-9 hours each.


I guess I can keep the Fios TV and just go with Comcast for everything else.  While I had more technical issues with Comcast, at least they sent someone out to fix it promptly or addressed/identified the issue from their end, without me haggling for hours with the phone techs.

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Good Evening,


We were just checking with you to make sure issue was resolved. Please repost if you are still experiencing a problem.


Tonya D.

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