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Super slow download / normal upload at night FIOS 75/75

Super slow download / normal upload at night FIOS 75/75

Contributor amyangel
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I was on FIOS non quantum internet 75/75 plan with no problems in the Los Angeles suburban area (Cerritos, CA) for nearly 4 years with no issues. While shutting off my TV plan they accidentally shut off my internet. Long story short they couldn't put me back on my old plan and after numerous delays they put me on Quantum 75/75 via coaxial and my actiontec router which had no issues the first few months. Suddenly over the last month or so my evening (7pm-12am ish ) usage has been so slow. 


My husband kept running the speedtest.net and our download is averaging 5-12mb and at the highest 15-20mb but our upload has been consistently 85-90mb.


After numerous calls to technical support, they reset my router, reset the ONT, release and renewed the IP address and even escalated to the next level support with no resolution. The other night they issued a ticket to have the technician come down but in the middle of the night and in the morning my internet was fine. I also got a text that said they show the speeds were normal and that it was resolved except it's not resolved.


I came home from work tested at 5:40pm and no issues then around 7pm started to see speeds under 10mb again and as slow as 5mb. The technican I called said it's a known problem in California and no fix..... said even if I had a technician come down during the day they probably won't replicate the problem. 


I'm so frustrated. What are you guys hearing out in LA? My tech tonight said "they are upgrading at this time every night".......


Anyone can recommend what my next options are? 

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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If you haven't already done so, when the slow speeds are happening I suggest you run the Verizon speedtest at: http://my.verizon.com/services/speedtest/


That test will indentify whether the slow speeds are happening within or outside Verizon's network.  That makes a difference whether Verizon is responsible and whether or not they can (and should) do something about the problem.

Contributor amyangel
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Hi thanks for the response. Yes the technician checked from my wired computer (win 10) and it was consistently slow. They also had me install the optimizer which didn't work.


I called back again last night did the router reset as well as on their end also.


I used their speedtest.verizon.net as well and still was the same.


It was fine after 11ish and was still ok this morning before I left for work.

The problem over the last month has been around 6:30pm onward until around 11:30-12am.


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Gold Contributor IV
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Ok.   Sounds like you've taken the right steps so far.


Were I in your situation I would continue to contact Verizon tech support.  I would especially try to get them to send a tech out in the evening when the problem is happening.


Other than that, I wish you luck.  I've never experienced intermittent speed problems with FiOS but I can imagine how frustrating it would be.

Contributor amyangel
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Thank you I actually just called again they set up the latest they have which is 5-7pm hopefully we can capture the issue then 🙂 I appreciate the help

Contributor khfjf66699
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I have the same problem sometimes. There was a point in which in the evening i couldnt even stream youtube at all or download files. Its improved some for me but sucks when it happens

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Platinum Contributor III
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Probably not planning any new infrastructure changes in California.  Leaving it for Frontier to solve.


Don't know about California, but there are reports in Texas that they are already started moving them to Frontier serves.

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