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Switch ONT to ethernet from coax

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Switch ONT to ethernet from coax

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I want to switch to my ONT to use ethernet instead of coax so I can use my Cisco router instead of the Actiontec.  Before I call in to have them switch, I just wanted to make sure everything was functioning.  Right now I don't even get a green light on the ethernet port when i plug in the router or anything else.  Is this normal?  Does the green light only come on after they activate it?  There was some silicon weather goop in the rj45 jack, so I did not know if that was the cause of it.

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Re: Switch ONT to ethernet from coax

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Yeah, you have to call to have them switch it. Otherwise it is just a dead port.


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Re: Switch ONT to ethernet from coax

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Hi, before you do that make sure you have the ethernet run from the ONT or you are going to be dead in the water.  Once you have confirmed that, just call 888-553-1555 option 2 and they can get the switch done for you.

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Re: Switch ONT to ethernet from coax

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nickrt80 , You could also send me a private IM with your info & I'll take care of it for you. Brett

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