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Switching ONT from coax to ethernet

Switching ONT from coax to ethernet

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I previously had FIOS TV, Internet, and phone.  I have since decided to only use the FIOS Internet service.  I also discovered that my HOA provides free basic cable through Grande Communications.


My goal is to switch the ONT from coax to ethernet, as I'd like to use my own router (planning to use a mesh system for better WiFi coverage).  I have figured most of the wiring inside the house...



The ONT is mounted outside my house with the battery unit inside my garage.  I used to have a big on with a battery backup; but I think they replaced it with a smaller unit without battery backup since I no longer used the telephone service.


This is what the wiring in the ONT looks like:



I assume the "Cable Out" is what goes to the Verizon router (ActionTec MI424WR).  If so, this coax line eventually leads into my telecommunications closet and connects through a splitter to the router inside the house.


The ethernet cable is connected on the blue/blue-white pair to the port labeled "TR".  I assume is for my since disconnected phone service.  This cable simply hops over to the Grande box to the left.


Opening the Grande box, I find a complete mess:



Ignoring the coax -- which presumably provides cable into the house (and it works), I have a total of 4 ethernet-style cables:

  • One of the yellow cables is completely disconnected (near the bottom of the picture).
  • The white cable comes from the FIOS ONT, where only the blue/blue-white are connected.  I think it's a 3-way connector (the round ones)?
  • The other yellow cable is connected on its blue/blue-white pair to the 3-way connector.  It is also connected through its orange/orange-white pair to another 2-way splitter.
  • Finally, there is a grey cable which, through its brown/brown-white pair is connected to the 3-way connector, and its blue/blue-white cable is connected to the 2-way connector.

Below is a crude (sorry) diagram:


The main question is:


I want to take advantage of these cables to get ethernet from the ONT to my router.  None of the wires are long enough to reach from the telecom box to the ONT.  Keeping in mind that this is mounted outside of the house (and thus needs to be weatherproof), what can I do in terms of getting ethernet to the ONT?


I suppose I could try put an RJ45 head on the grey cable and try to use an RJ45 coupler + a small patch cable.  But, would the coupler be weather-proof if I kept it inside the telecom housing?  Does doing this also mean it would be impossible for me to have a land-line?


Or, should I try to drop a new cable from the eaves above through the attic and leave this entire mess alone?  If I do that, what can I do to weather-proof a new drop?  Do I need to mount that cable a certain way?  I notice all cables mounted to the exterior of the home have a loop and are drilled into the brick of the house.


BTW, the house is in Texas, if that helps with understanding what kind of weather-proofing I need to do.


Thanks in advance!


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I would assume that the grey cable and yellow cable are going to your telco panel inside the house. One of them however may be going to an alarm panel. If you do use those cables that will prevent you from using a land line unless they are both homeruns to your telco panel. 


If you do decide to use the existing yellow or grey I would crimp an RJ45 on both ends of the white one from Verizon. Don’t use a patch cable because it will rot and water will get in an will eventually fail. You can purchase RJ45 connectors that have gel inside to prevent water intrusion. From there you could use keystone RJ45 jack on the yellow or grey cable. I would advise against using a coupler. Most of the ones out there are junk. 


I would personally run a new cat6 from ONT to your router. One thing to keep in mind is any cable you use outside should be outdoor rated. It will say CMX/CMR on the jacket. 


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