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Switching from Optimum Online, need a few pointers please.

Switching from Optimum Online, need a few pointers please.

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Hey all, recently I've been pressing on switching over to FiOS because of the dedicated fibre optics and the better TV service than I get now from Optimum. TV can really go either way, it's internet that's getting to me.


I need to know a few things about Verizon's service before I make the swtich


- With Optimum I have a static IP. Although I'm in the dynamic pool for Cablevision, I've had the same IP for years because I've kept the same MAC address on my master router. With FiOS, I understand that my IP will change quite more often than I'm used to, but can someone give me a heads up on *how often*? I could use ZoneEdit for DNS for what I need it for, but I'd like to know before I dive in head first.


-  With Optimum, the only INBOUND ports I have blocked (ports that people can access on my end, such as HTTP pages on port 80) are 80, 8080, and 25. What ports are blocked on FiOS? I need to be able to host FTP, SSH, and HTTP on my server. This is crucial, probably the hammer's blow on wether or not I'm going to switch.


- The deal that Verizon's been advertising for quite some time now (the one where it's $100 cash back etc, for all of it and whatnot), that comes with the 10/2 package if I'm not mistaken. Now, if I wanted to up that to 20/20, would that invalidate the rest of the deal? I'll pay the $20 extra for 20/20 vs 10/2, but I hope that doesn't screw up the rest of the combo with the Phone/TV mix that's been advertised.


I hope someone can help me with my questions, thanks.

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The IP would potentially change at the end of the DHCP lease..... Although it may grab the same IP for the next lease.... I am not sure on the lease times, although someone else may know what they are


Same ports... 80 is blocked incoming, 25 is not blocked, but requires authentication to use for SMTP... I am not 100% on 8080 and the HTTPS incoming port.. but I would not be surprised if they are blocked as well


Verizon terms of service say no hosting whatsoever.... but I am sure optimums said the same thing


I do not know about the promotional offers.... contact 1800 VERIZON for that stuffs


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In theory the IP address could change at any lease renewal, from an ISP. The only way you are guaranteed a static IP is if you order and pay for Business rather than residential Internet access (which also unblocks ports 25).


As a practical matter, the IP address doesn't seem to change very often. I've now been a Verizon FioS customer for 6 months, and I haven't seen my IP address change yet.


When I was a Cox Cable Internet Subscriber elsewhere, I think I went 3+ years on the same IP address.


Basically until the lease expires, your IP address isn't in the available pool, and if renewed promptly, it never really is available to someone else.


My experience is the only way you can be sure you will get a new IP address is to change the MAC address. Short of that, you are likely to keep your IP address for a long time. Your Experience could be different. 

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