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Temporarily turning off Fios

Temporarily turning off Fios

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Is there a way I can temporarily turnoff or disable my Fios internet, TV and Wifi via the web? Or is there a way to do it manually?  I'd like to have more control over the amount of time my kids spend on the TV and computer when I'm at work, think WoW....

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Unplug the router?

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How old are your Kids? I am sure they would find a way to turn it back on. No there is no feature for this. This would mess up your phone and prevent emergency calls. From my experience once FiOS is working it is best to leave it that way. You could post a suggestion on the Ideas board for adding parental controls through Verizon Central web site.

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Thank you for the answer.  They're 14, 16, and 19.  Good kids, but too much time on the computer when I'm not around.  Funny you should mention the phone; I'm almost tempted to get rid of my landline since all of us almost exclusively us our cell phones.  Thanks again.

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caseyea6b wrote:

Thank you for the answer.  They're 14, 16, and 19.  Good kids, but too much time on the computer when I'm not around.  Funny you should mention the phone; I'm almost tempted to get rid of my land line since all of us almost exclusively us our cell phones.  Thanks again.


I have some pretty hefty parental controls on my network so it keeps them out of trouble. But yes it would be better if less thime was spent in front of electronics. When I was young we didn't have all this, kids were healthier, and spent more time outside. Perhaps it was a safer world 25-30 years ago.


I know the feeling about the land line. I am in the same situation. We all have cell phones too. When checking the bundles it only saved about $10 switching to double play, with Internet and TV only. Perhaps fees and taxes would have also gone away. Verizon is smart and makes it so it does not benefit you much to drop the land line. Also with out a phone number it is harder to manage you account based on the way the system pulls up your account by phone number. I have heard that even armed with an account number users have had difficulty with support. But I believe that has been fixed. At one time I remember they would force you to pay by credit card and not by mail with a check. But that too may have changed.

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Thanks for the cost breakout on the phone.  You're right, for ten dollars it's not worth the headache to get rid of it.

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You'll want to take full advantage of all the parental controls VZ offers.


For the Cell

They have Wireless Content Filters for the cell phones, and you can suspend phones and turn them on through the web interface at   To learn more, please visit: Verizon Wireless Parental Controls.  this one is i am pretty sure is free but limited.


VZ Wireless useage controls Is a subscription service but it's more geared for what you want where you can manage their cell phone use based on time of day and things like that. For more information on Usage Controls, visit Wireless Usage Controls.


For the Internet you'll want to go to and download family protection,  you can block by time of day, week, website, it gives you a lot of control, but you have to sit there and set it up properly.    Verizon Family protection parental controls is free and simple to use. Download Now.


the TV only lets you do parental control by channel, rating or purchase ability,   not by time of day though,  so that's an either on or off scenario.   I know people that did the tv parental controls to block all channels, and then when they left they would turn it on, and only turn off the parental controls when they walked through the door after they got home.     I am not sure I could think of any other way to do it based on time.   the wireless phone and the internet are easier, but the tv not so much with regards to time of day blocking.   maybe the tv's v-chip?   not sure how that works.    they probably make some after market products that do it, you could search on or head over to a local electronics specialty store for something like that and pick the brain of the local geek.   




they have a cool demo you can watch @

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the thought just came across my head,  I know people use the sling for other things,   but would a sling allow him to control the STB over the internet and set up parental controls?   I don't own a sling yet, but i've seen it in action, and that MAY work for him...

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scratch the sling box,  I just remembered that if I access and log in, I can do parental controls from their website for the TV.



so it sounds like you're all covered.  



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You can set parental controls from your router for each device connected to cable and internet.  When you are at home, you can log into your router from your web browser by pointing your browerser to  Login with the username "admin" and password "password".  If that combination doesn't work, go over to your router and hold down the reset button for a few seconds (tiny red button on back, you will need a pen to depress it) and let your router reset - then try that user name and password combination again.  Once you have logged into your router you can view your connected devices - figure out which is which.  Your laptops should be obvious but you will need to figure out which xboxes are which devices by the IP address (you can find that in the system -> netowrk configuration screen on the xbox or just by experimenting with turning things on and off from the router page and listening to see which kid screams).  Now that you know which device is the xbox and which devices are the TVs (TV's will be "coax"), you should be able to set up parental controls on the router.  it will allow you to turn the service on and off for each device depending upon the time of day and the day of week.  


Hope that helps!

-Diana (ruining teenager's lives one router at a time!)


BTW, be sure to reset your router password to something difficult and NEVER tell your kids what you did or they will figure out pretty quickly how to reset the password on the router.

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