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Terrible Resolution of Issue - Now Shut off my Service (inaccurately)

Terrible Resolution of Issue - Now Shut off my Service (inaccurately)

Contributor DonnaO
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Please help.


Summary:  Representative told me not to worry, they would sort it out given the error was on their end, instead they just shut off my service & I have been on hold for over 30 minutes. I now paid with a credit card, twice accidentally actually but still had to put my workout off for what seemed like ages to get this even to this level of mitigation.


I still have no way to pay with my checking account. I do not want to be mandated to use my credit card and incur interest because the site can no longer accept my information regarding my checking account.  


Talk about inconvenient - it has been an hour of aggravation.  


I tried to pay my bill in good faith at least 3 times. A subsequent email claims "bounced check" which I knew was not possible. In reality there is a problem with Verizon recognizing my credit unions routing number .. the error actually states so much on the verizon bill pay website option. Whatever the reason the account I have had for over 15 years and paid my verizon bill with numerous times in the past will not accept my online check. 


I tried to pay it on my own, using various incarnations of my checking account number (without prevailing numbers, with them etc.). Each time it seemed to work, then sent me a "bounced check" email. My bank clearly demonstrates no check was ever presented. So now I also need any falsely added check charges added to the bill to be removed. 


When I called customer service the other day I was advised not to worry about any of this, that "it happens all the time" they took down copious information, advised me I would not have to worry about losing service and that it would be resolved. They would call if they needed to. That was a few days ago. 

Then halfway through my workout the TV and internet service goes out. 


I have been on hold for 40:42 now and cannot find an email to email anyone to get this resolved. 


Please help. 

Thank you. 


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Try contacting them via twitter @verizonsupport.

They are quite responsive.

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Since you are in New York just contact the Public Service Commission and they can get you almost instant results. They have contacts at Verizon that get you help fast.

calling is faster. Make sure the phone number you give them can be answered when Verizon escalations calls you.

If not satisfied with Verizon’s response the commission can go further in helping you.


Contributor DonnaO
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thanks I am at 1:40:39 and counting on hold .. does not appear this is going to get anywhere

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

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