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The Problem with Verizon and Netflix

The Problem with Verizon and Netflix

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@bbinnard wrote:

Here is the latest graph of Netflix's ISP performance:




Decide for yourself - are we getting what we are payibg for?

Since that is before the agreement its pretty much meaningless.  The question is since the agreement is the performance improve.  It did for Comcast.

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Netflix, Google ISP Rankings 'Conflicting,' Inaccurate


Google is essentially saying Rogers’ customers who use YouTube are capable of regularly experiencing HD streams, while Netflix is saying Rogers’ subscribers are experiencing the worst quality of Netflix streaming in the country. At the same time Netflix is saying Bell Canada’s DSL subscribers are capable of experiencing HD streams when using Netflix, but Google is saying Bell non-Fibe (DSL) are not YouTube HD-verified and “should be able to watch YouTube videos in Standard Definition (at least 360p) with moderate load times."
I've already pointed out numerous times that Netflix's streaming rankings are made less valuable by the fact that Netflix CDN partners do better in the rankings than those who refuse to participate in the free service. Similarly I've noted Google and YouTube's new ISP rankings need some work as well, as navigation is clunky and some ISPs are listed as HD verified even in markets they don't even provide service.


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I have called Verizon a couple of times about the poor connection to Netflix. They go through the standard procedure of checking my internet connection, blah blah blah, but the problem doesn't go away. Today I asked for the email address for consumer affairs. Apparently they don't have one, because why would a company want to know if their customers had a problem that could cause them to take their business elsewhere? I was told to post in the forum, and Verizon would read my post. So here goes. Verizon, I hope you get this message loud and clear. I pay Netflix to send movies over my internet connection. I pay you for that internet connection. I don't have a problem getting Netflix on other networks, such as when I'm at the home of a friend who has a different internet provider, so I think it's safe to assume that the constant buffering I experience at home is Verizon's problem, not Netflix's. Judging from the number of posts on this forum, as well as a multitude of reports in the news media, I think it's safe to assume I am not your only customer experiencing this problem. So, here's my message: FIX THE PROBLEM OR LOSE THIS CUSTOMER. My patience is wearing thin, and I am not a schmuck. There are too many other internet providers out there to continue paying you my hard earned dollars to NOT provide me with good service.
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This is a verizon issue without a doubt.


Netflix displayed amazingly on my FIOS until this year right around the time the net neutrality laws changed. (isnt it amazing how suddenly as soon as the laws change the service goes to crap and Verizon blames Netflix???)

Now Netflix buffers all the time and when it plays it is terrible picture quality (never HD quality)
At the same time Netflix is playing terrible I can check my internet speed and see that I am getting full bandwidth.
At the same time Netflix is playing terrible on my FIOS I can load neteflix up on my LTE phone and stream it in FULL HD with no buffering.


I contacted Verizon and they deny everything.


They want us to subscribe to their streaming services and pay for their movies. THEY CAN KISS IT.


I have their FIOS because it is my ONLY OPTION (other than their DSL or satellite).


I will never buy anything other than their lowest FIOS option because of their shady business practices. No FIOS TV, no phone, no wireless phones, NOTHING.


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 It's apparent that between the hours of 7 PM PST and 12:00 AM PST they are severely slowing internet speeds for all traffic.  I've been paying more than $170 a month for a promised 75 mb/s speed and am furious at this throttling.    I'm getting Charter on the 8th, and am looking forward to having reliable internet service.

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Here is the Netflix ISP speed chart for August 2014:




Note that Verizon has moved up 2 places.  Hopefully this trend will continue.

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Still the worse in the US until you get to DSL companies on the list.  So much for fiber is better than cable.

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Actually more important thant the place in the list is that it jumped from average speed of 1.61 to 2.41.

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