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Throttling Netflix for PCs?

Throttling Netflix for PCs?

Contributor mariosa
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Registered: ‎09-01-2013
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I consistentlyget at least 35Mbps download speeds from my connection.  It was therefore surprising to notice that I couldn't stream Netlix movies in HD on mylaptop computer.  I onlygot 480 eventhough all the Netflix settings were correct.  As an experiment Idecided to disconnect from Verizon and connect to the internet through my ATT iPhone's hotspot.  I had absolutely no problem  getting HD streaming.  I looked on a few forums online and read that Verizon may be throttling Netflix to push its Redbox service.  Regardless of what the reason behind this is, I will certainly dump Verizon as my ISP if I can't trust their internet neutrality.  Has anybody else had a similar experience?

Contributor erb4230
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Registered: ‎09-18-2013
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Yes mariosa, Verizon is and has been throttling.  I have to IP address to block on your firewall settings if you want to email me directly at {edited for privacy}.  Verizon will no longer be able to throttle your connections to Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube.

Contributor DirtyJack
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Hi Lawrence. I have a 75Mbps Fios service and I can't get a HD Netflix stream. Speed Test shows 66Mbps over Wifi and slightly higher wired. I'm connecting using my LG BlueRay player app.  Is there a router setting I can change to prevent Verrizon from throttling my Netflix streams?


thx, Jack

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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It isn't throttling in a traditional sense but instead not upgrading the connection between them and Netflix. Both sides think the other should pay for the upgrade. (there are a ton of forums and news articles on this) The only real solution is to use a VPN which tends to cost money (but many offer a trial period). 

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