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Tired of being bullied by VZ

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Tired of being bullied by VZ

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I Cancelled FIOS Service in July/August of 2011
- this was during the strike by Verizon Employees
- the person who took the cancellation on the phone was not a regular Customer Service Person.  She had to ask other people how to process the cancellation two times during our call.
- When I asked what to do with their equipment, she said (after asking someone else) that they would send me a box and a pre-paid shipping label

Starting ~20 days later, I started getting threatening phone calls to return the equipment, despite the fact that I hadn't gotten the box for returns yet and they wouldn't let me just return it in person.
- after explaining that 2-3 times to people, the calls stopped for a couple of weeks and I finally received the return box after approx 40 days.  I packaged both the modem/wireless router and the cablecard into the box, appropriately wrapped, with the card individually wrapped in the package and sent it via UPS the next day (dropped at the Staples on Georgia Rd, 20910)

The next bill I got from Verizon said I owed 23.25 (dated 9/19/11 or thereabouts) for the remainder of service on my account.  (This was paid previously, but credited to the wrong account, so I got a check BACK from them for this amount and they re-billed it on that statement)

A month later, I got a bill from Verizon for 137.91, including 114.66 for the cablecard.  I paid the 23.25 again and called Verizon.

I didn't record the first call name and date, but I told them that I'd returned the card, it was in the same box as the modem.  They checked and the person who had canceled the service had mistakenly entered the card and the modem as two different returns in the system (they should have been on the same record.) 
The CS person (finally strike is over and they had someone who knew what they were doing) said that probably what happened was that the person opened the box, pulled the modem out, checked it in, and since that was all that was on the order, either totally missed the card in the package or put it aside without checking it in.
They said they would give me a credit and start an investigation.

a month later, I get another bill for 114.66 and call them again.  On 10/27 I spoke with Sabrina and went through the whole process a second time.  She confirmed that the top pieces of equipment were mistakenly put onto different cancel/return orders and said she'd start an investigation.  I pointed out that by admitting they had received the modem, they must have gotten the card.  If they could not produce a damaged card (which should be addressed with UPS, since it was in working order when it left my house), then they either lost it or didn't process it correctly, since their records were faulty.  

another month later, I start getting calls to return the equipment.  Obviously NOTHING has been done to address their error.  I call again on 12/29/11 and talk to Latonya Brown.  We go through the whole process again, she confirms that the modem was checked in, that the cablecard was not on the same ticket, and that she'll start an investigation and WILL GET BACK TO ME. 

Never hear a word, months pass, no bills from Verizon.  
"Ah, finally" I think...

April, 2012, I start getting calls for IC Systems, Inc, a bill collector, trying to collect the 114.66 that Verizon says I owe them.  I lose my cool, then explain the situation, deny the debt and am forced to send all of this to them by way of documentation for my denial of the debt.
What do I have to do to actually get them to ADMIT it's their PROBLEM?
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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Tired of being bullied by VZ

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Geez, I work in a lab, and when we can't find a sample we have to eat the cost.   We cant go billing the person over and over and over again for something WE lost.   This is why, when and if I cancel my fios, I will be physically taking the equipment to the nearest office and making someone give me a reciept with their name signed to it!     I love FiOS.  It's the best out there, but their customer service is **bleep**E! 


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