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Tivo MoCa setup issue

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I am an old Tivo user who stepped away for 5+ years and now is back, looking to take advantage of the newer Tivo boxes over MoCa.  Unfortunately, the transition to MoCa has not gone well and I need some help.


To start, I have Verizon Fios with a G1100 router.  I currently run multiple Verizon boxes with DVR through the house without issue.


When I plug in my new Tivo Bolt+ 3TB Box and connect over Ethernet or WiFi, the single box works perfectly and connects to Tivo and displays channels fine (cablecard was successfully activated).  As soon as I hit the button to change the Tivo to “connect using MoCa”, the WiFi immediately drops out of my Verizon router (while the connection to Tivo and channel display remains intact).  It occurs 100% of the time, so much so that I had Verizon sent me a new router and it occurred again.  Change the Tivo setting back to “connect over Ethernet” and the WiFi comes back (after a few minutes).  All of this is before I’ve attempted to connect any of my Tivo minis.

Currently, I am connecting the Tivo Bolt directly to my G1100 router via Ethernet and to a preexisting coax cable in the home.  I have moved the Bolt to a different location in the house that has Ethernet and coax and the same crash occurs.  I have not yet connected a filter but I am under the impression that that isn’t required and am not certain that that would cause this issue.


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Thinking two possibilities here ....


First is that you're creating a spanning tree loop and either the Wifi or Ethernet cable is not fully disconnecting when you switch to MoCA.    Since it's the Wi-Fi, I'll put my money on that interface being the one.   Try this to see if it resolves the problem -- physically disconnect the ethernet cable; then reconfigure the Wi-Fi to "connect" to another network (doesn't matter what network -- just as long as it a name different than your Vz wifi and password).   Power down the Tivo and then connect ONLY the Coax.  Power up and make sure MoCA is select and see if that works.


Alternately, reset the TiVO and go thru the new device setup process again with ONLY the Coax connected and don't supply any wifi info.




The other possibility is that there's some form of wifi detection going on that's knocking the wifi offline when the Tivo trys to come online.  I had this with my PS/3 and an Aruba Remote Access Point from work -- work had enabled a "rogue" device detection mode and it resulted in the PS/3 disabling it's wifi whenever I powered up the access point.  Took a config change on the access point to fix that.   Not likely the case here unless you have some other devices on your network that might fall into that category.   




I'm betting on the first, so give one of those two methods a try. 

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