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Traceroute only making 2 Hops, incorrect ping data

Traceroute only making 2 Hops, incorrect ping data

Contributor nat2r
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For some reason I haven't been able to perform tracerts. I call customer support, and the first representative didn't understand what that was, so she transcribed my issue to helpdesk and they didn't quite understand the issue. I sent over screenshots and they're like "you're pinging at 1ms, thats very good, i dont see the issue." Very concerning response considering none of the examples I sent them had more than 2 hops. 


Regardless, I'd love to know how to fix this issue. I've talked to support twice. 


Additionally, there is a problematic node in Philadelphia that needs to be looked at ASAP. Is there a single person I can contact regarding more complex issues unrelated to my home?

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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This is a network configuration issue on Verizon's end which has been popping up in some areas. Basically, Verizon uses an MPLS backbone, but TTL Propagation isn't occurring (something tracert needs to work correctly) for ICMP traffic. If you have a Linux system or a Mac handy, these will be able to complete a traceroute correctly. You can also try using other tools like WinMTR or Pathping on Windows to see if those work.

Contributor JC-NYC
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And Verizon tech swears this is not the case!

SMH ... this is getting pathetic.

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