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Trouble with password on MI424WR Router

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Trouble with password on MI424WR Router

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When I try and access my router and enter the password, it gives me multiple characters and I'm not able to enter it correctly.  I am using XP home and have tried to adjust the keyboard without success.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and have any answers?  Thanks!
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Re: Trouble with password on MI424WR Router

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Yes, the router is suppose to do that.  For every one character/keystroke, on the screen you get 3 stars ***. That's normal.


Some of the Username/Password combos it might be are: admin/password1 or admin/password.


If you are still having a problem logging in, you can reset the router (by holding down the reset button for 10 seconds), then try to login.  This time, when you try to log into the router, it will ask you for a new username and password.



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Re: Trouble with password on MI424WR Router

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Thanks very much for the reply.  I couldn't figure out why it was doing that in the first place!

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