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Trying to access my Verizon Account to get into the router preferences

Trying to access my Verizon Account to get into the router preferences

Copper Contributor wkleschi
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This has been happening for a year and I haven't cared to do anything until now. I have tried this on multiple computers same thing. I go to my IP address then I go to enter my username fine and then I go to type in my password and it does not work. Let's say I type in the letter b it types the letter be 3 or 4 times and does not let me do anything else. I tried ignoring this and just typing in my password not caring how many letters it types just to see if it was a glitch but it does not work. For my password I've tried password, password1, my router password, the serial number and nothing. Much help would be appreciated Thanks!

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The extra letters are a security feature: ignore them.


Your username and password are probably on the label.  

If it still doesn't work it may have been changed and you will have to reset it to factory defaults.  To do that press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. 



Copper Contributor wkleschi
Copper Contributor
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Password stiil does not work. I reset the router on the back. Any Suggestions. I'm using the username admin than I just tried my verizon username and password the one for my email, Still no luck. What I'm trying to do is turn off wifi to just have a wired network. Know how to do it just can't get in. Thanks!  

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Gold Contributor II
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Look on the router label.  You should see something like:  User Name: admin    Password: ????????

That is the information you need to log into the router.  Your Verizon site or email passwords will not work.


If that information is not on the label:

The default username is probably admin.

The default password is probably password or password1.


Keep in mind that if you try to log in too many times with the wrong login info, you will be locked out.  My router is set to lockup after 5 failed attempts. I believe the lockout is for 24 hours, but not sure.  So if you have tried 5 or more times today, take a break and try again tomorrow evening.  Router reset may reset the lockout also, but I've seen other equipment where it didn't, so I wouldn't count on it here.

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Did you hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds?  If not, you did not perform a factory reset.


Newer routers have the password printed on a sticker.  Older routers are "password" or "password1."


You might want to try contacting Verizon if you can't get it reset.


A quick and dirty way to disable wifi is to remove the antennae(s).


Good Luck.


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There are a couple FAQ's that answer common questions about the username and password, you may want to double check them to see if anything has been missed.


  1. How do I login to the Verizon router
  2. I can't login to the VZ router
Copper Contributor Sparksman
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The same thing happens to me. The only work around I've come up with is either use notepad or wordpad. Type in your password in either one, then copy it. When you go to your routers ip type in your username then PASTE your password that you copied early.

Contributor bd900
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Prior to Verizon in home agent you could use the user name admin and password "admin" or "password" to directly access your fios router. This changed with the introduction of "In Home Agent" program. You now must create a new password using the "In Home Agent" program and then use that password to access your router. The user name will remain admin.

Copper Contributor csnuz
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Resetting the password from In-Home Agent was very easy.  They added this feature in which is much better than having to factory reset the router every time you needed to reset the password. 

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Unrelated, and not to bust your chops, but please limit your use of the blue font. 


Edit: Sorry, didn't realize age of orginal post.

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