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Unusually High Jitter and Packet Loss

Unusually High Jitter and Packet Loss

Contributor KP0306
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Hello folks,

I live in Diamond Bar, California, about 30 miles from LA downtown.


Recently, I'm experiencing packet loss when I test my line quality on pingtest.net.  Here are my results.


Server: Newbury Park, CA (Distance: less than 50 mi)

Packet Loss: 3%

Ping: 24 ms

Jitter: 39 ms

Line Quality: C


Server: Los Angeles, CA (Distance: more than 50 mi)

Packet Loss: 0%

Ping: 15 ms

Jitter: 13 ms

Line Quality: A


I've never experienced packet loss since I got FiOS internet 3 months ago.  I usually got 9 ms ping + 1 to 2 jitter, NO packet loss.  It was always perfect until this long weekend.


Now i'm having hard time good games online (PS3), even if I see good signals (green bars), 50% of time it's lagging.


I called Verizon and tried chat support as well, they said it's all good, traffic is good, line is good.

What should I do?  This is really frustrating.  Online gaming is the only hobby I got, getting stress from work, I usually get rid of it when I play online.  And now i'm stressed out even more!!! 😞


Here are my questions if someone can answer.

1. if more people around my area get FiOS service, will it affect my line quality?  I live in a townhouse/condo community.


2. It's weird that I get packet loss from the closest server.  What does this mean?


Thank you very much for helping this newbie user.  Have a great day guys.








Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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do a tracert to see where the packet loss is. You may have packet loss, but the question is where? Is it on your end? Probably not since your LA link is ok. Is it on Verizon? Possibly, but I suspect not since again your LA link is OK. Is it out in cyberspace on the "internet" side? Probably, since you see problems on the Newbury Park area, it could be a local issue there.


A tracert would help to determine where/if there is a real problem.




Line quality should not be affected by the number of people in your area on FIOS. Each house has its own individual line with only 32 people per HUB. So this should not be an issue.



Until a tracert is run, there is no telling where or what the problem may be. It could simply be a problem with the host in Newbury Park


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Platinum Contributor III
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Remember Packet loss is a normal, designed-in feature of the internet. It always occurs.


 It is only a concern when it gets to be excessive.


3% doesn't seem excessive to me.


I think you're bigger problem is that you're trying to do your gaming wirelessly rather than hardwired.


If I were a gambling man, I would bet that is where your problem is moreso than the connection. 


try a different channel on the router, or try hardwiring it. 

Contributor KP0306
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎05-31-2010
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Thank you very much for your reply.


I just did a test again on the line, and it's back, everything is perfect.  Ping 9 ms, Jitter 1 ms.  Maybe something was going on in my area during the last weekend???  All I can think of is more people were using the internet and watching TV, so it got slower???  But it shouldn't affect the line quality, right?  Not at all???  I have no idea, I'm very new to this...


* I did run a tracert and also ping, nothing's going on.

Contributor dshaw
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Good luck getting help. Tech support doesn't do much but mails you a new router.






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