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Upgraded from 3mps to 15/5 and tv

Upgraded from 3mps to 15/5 and tv

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I recently upgraded my services from the slowest to 15/5 package.... now I cannot get into my router. I also added tv. I do not want to do a hard reset ick. Did verizon change my password?



Thank you

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Gold Contributor II
Device: iMac / iMac / iPhone
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Since you mentioned that you recently got TV, I assume there was a technician visit?   If s, it's likely they reset the router back to factory defaults when they got into it to make sure the MoCA bridge was active.  Same could also be try if they reprovisioned the router from the central office to activate the MoCA bridge for the TV STB's to be able to get their guide data, etc.


Try the serial number on the bottom of the router as the password with the userid "admin".   Worst comes to worst, you can reset the router yourself and it will return to that setting thereby allowing you to get into the router.



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Yes the technician came out and yeah I was thinking they did reset it back to the defaults however the serial number does not work nor does password or password1. ugh how annoying. thanks tho Smiley Happy

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Do as Lasagna suggested and perform a hard reset on the router.

You will be prompted to create a new user name and password the first time you access the router.



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so I did the hard reset and still cannot get into the router at all. GRRRRRR Guess I will have to call them darn it.

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yay fixed. It worked the second try of the hard reset.

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