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Upload issues

Contributor mmjkeller
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So this is a very hard to nail down issue but I'm positive at this point it has to do with verizon or my internet set up at this point for several reasons. To start off I am a livestreamer which means I spend a lot of money on my computer/internet in order to have people watch me play games live through a video stream service known as xsplit. I have a VERY powerful computer considered top notch for the streaming community. That being said while I stream I have issues uploading at a rate of 1.7Mbps where my upload speed I pay for and in turn get is sitting around a bout 30-35Mbps consistently. Now while I stream I lose all outbound upload from my program and end up having to restart my stream and still start dropping frames making my stream appear laggy to any viewers. And yes I am using a wired connection. I have been on the phone with support as well as had equipment replaced many times so far over the last 2 years now to no avail. The next step I took was going to my friends house who lives less than 1 mile away from me and also has verizon with an internet upload speed that sits around 5Mbps at this time. At her house using my desktop that I built and usually test at my house I was able to stream at 1.7Mbps with no trouble at all, not even a single dropped frame. Nobody seems to have an answer to why her, having a lesser connection, gets better results than I do thus far and I would like an explanation because this is very inconvinient not only for me but also for my viewers and causes me to lose many potential viewers due to my stream resets. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated especially because I am scheduled to do a child's play fundraiser using my stream which will most definately be a flop if I cannot stream uniterrupted.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Do you have the same FIOS router revision that your friend has?   Same settings?


Or could be that you used so much bandwidth that you are being trottled?




Copper Contributor Treplexity
Copper Contributor
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I also livestream using xsplit, and I only get dropped frames on my stream when my quality is set to the highest setting, I have to use the setting below that to prevent dropped frames.


I run an i7 3820 LGA 2011 w/ h80 liquid cooling 12gb DDR3 ram and a SSD...


Also, you should set your bandwidth to at least 3Mbps in xsplit. Mine is set to 4Mbps, on the medium preset and runs fine. Quality isn't perfect-but better than 99% of other livestreams.


Verizon is all messed up in my area, last night my internet randomly cut out and ever since then my upload speed hasn't gone past 5MBs, and every time I called verizon their support agent wasn't working and they couldn't open tickets..or look at my account..what gives-you guys go up on prices and screw everything up?


And throttling? That's ridiculous..Verizon needs to just get evidence of people using illegal torrents that violate the ToS and ban their accounts, why should we be throttled for using what we pay for?


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Platinum Contributor III
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Verizon's “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Measures Unveiled | TorrentFreak


During the coming weeks the controversial “six-strikes” anti-piracy system will kick off in the U.S. While none of the participating ISPs have officially announced how they will handle repeat infringers, TorrentFreak has obtained a copy of Verizon’s full policy. Among other things, offenders will have to watch a video about the consequences of online piracy, before their speeds are reduced to 256kbps. Also worth mentioning is that the copyright alert system will also apply to business customers.


They give you A LOT of warnings if they start throttling you, and to date no one has been throttled yet.


If you haven't been redirected and forced to watch a video, then you aren't being throttled. 




Copper Contributor Treplexity
Copper Contributor
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Thanks for the info, kudos to you.


Note: I finally resolved my issue by dropping my DHCP lease from my node over, and over again until routed to a new node..everything is now normal. Guess a DC node is having problems..

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