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Using FIOS Quantum Gateway as an extender

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Using FIOS Quantum Gateway as an extender

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Hi all,


I just had FIOS installed in my new house and came prepared with my own Quantum gateway (from a friend). When the tech set it up, he told me that he had to "mount" his own Quantum gateway in my basement. He said it'd be free of charge, so I said sure. It turns out he then only wired exactly one coax outlet to be live, which is where I currently have one TV located.


Anyway, of course the wireless can't reach the top floor of my house so I'm trying to set up some type of network extender and thought it might be nice to use the extra Quantum gateway I already have. Since the install tech only setup one coax outlet, I have to split it with the set-top box. So far, my setup is as follows:


My primary Quantuam gateway in the basement is located at and DHCP setup to hand out IPs until Then, my second Quantum gateway located upstairs next to my set top box is set to have IP address and its DHCP hands out IP address until 254. I have them setup on different wireless SSIDs so I can know which one I'm working on.


This setup has a few issues: First is that the secondary Quantum router never sees that it has WAN access, so the globe icon is always red. Second is that I can only get devices to work properly on the secondary Quantum router if I manually enter IP address info and specify the DNS and gateway as If my devices rely on its DHCP, they can't access the internet, only the LAN. I also have no idea how the secondary Quantum router will interfere with my set-top box.


Ultimately, I could just spend the extra $100 on the FIOS network extender but I think I'm pretty close to getting this setup to work. I also couldn't set it up on any other coax cable since the tech only connected the single coax cable. Would Verizon send another tech back out to crimp and cap the other wires to activate the other coax outlets? My home actually has a 6-way coax splitter with all the wires dangling, but the tech chose to circumvent that to only connect the one coax outlet.


Thanks for any help!

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Re: Using FIOS Quantum Gateway as an extender

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So the trick to this setup is that you're going to want to make sure that the DHCP Server on your second G1100 / router is disabled. What this does is this ensures that your devices which connect to the second router, don't DHCP off of that second router, and then end up with a "Default route" which points to the router without the Internet connection.


To make your setup work, try this.


On your primary router, set the DHCP Scope from to

On your secondary router, disable the DHCP server. Then, change the router's IP address to so you can reach it. Leave the Netmask to


Next, on the secondary router, disable services such as the Firewall, UPnP, IGMP Proxy, and other properties in the advanced settings. Then, configure the wireless the way you want. Use a 2.4Ghz channel other than the channel your primary router is using, and then the same goes for the secondary 5Ghz radio.


Next, on the secondary router, disable the Internet Connection / Coax WAN Connection, so that this router doesn't try to connect to the Internet via Coax.


With that said, if I'm not mistaken, the secondary router should now become just a MoCa LAN Client (assuming here, that the MoCa LAN is still active). Devices attached to the secondary router should DHCP off of the primary, and things should work.


The G1100 will continue to show the red globe so long as it isn't hosting the Internet connection itself. This is totally normal and shouldn't concern you, so long as the secondary router is able to reliably pass traffic to the main router.


Let me know if that helps.

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Re: Using FIOS Quantum Gateway as an extender

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Do you need to set up any static route on either the primary or the secondary router?



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