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Using My Own Router Confusion

Using My Own Router Confusion

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Hello all,


I have read all the posts on using your own router but seem to be missing something. I can get TV service from mySTB but I do not get guide information. My setup is as follows:


1) Ethernet from ONT to my Orbi router

2) Coax from ONT to splitter. STB to the splitter. Quantum router(coax) to the splitter.

3) Ethernet connection from WAN port of the Quantum router to the LAN port of the Orbi router.

4) Quantum router setup to pull a DHCP address from Orbi(DHCP server).


Is it ok for the WAN port of the Quantum router to get a DHCP address from my Orbi, or should I hard code the WAN port to an IP address that is not under DHCP control?


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Read the thread on using your own router.

There are specific ports that need to be opened to support guide data and on demand.

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Section 3 will show you how to do different installs. In essence you have the ONT-YOUR ROUTER-MOCA ADAPTER-SPLITTER (your situation may vary) but its harder reading about it than actually doing it.



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I found this more helpful than https://www.dslreports.com/faq/verizonfios

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If you found the link for the forum post better?  Go back and read it again.

it mentions https://www.dslreports.com/faq/verizonfios to where to get that info.


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