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Using a different Router

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Copper Contributor
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Using a different Router

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I'm looking to get further range than my FIOS Router (MI424WR) and considering the likes of a Linksys WRT1900AC.  Router is in the basement and providing a weak signal on the 2nd floor.  Does anyone have an expereince with disabling their FIOS wireless and using another WiFi router?  Any drawbacks?  An pointers to FIOS Router configs?


Thank you

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Re: Using a different Router

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Lots of folks do this.


You might want to leave the Actiontec's WiFi on, as that will provide better covereage.  If you give both routers the same SSID, your devices will pick the best one and swtich as needed.


You could also get an Actiontec Range dual-band access point.  They look like a good solution:

You can plug it in anwhere you have an active coax jack.  You can buy it on Amazon with a MoCA bridge or buy just the device direclty from Verizon:


You can read about various ways to configure FiOS routers here:


Good Luck.


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Re: Using a different Router

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If you have coaxial cable on the second floor  just move the router from the basement to the second floor or put in on the first floor in the middle of the house.


The MOCA functionality of the Actiontec means it probably can be connected to any live coax outlet in your home and provide Internet service.


Putting another router in your basement regardless of how powerful it claims to be won't  be the best solution to getting a stronger signal on the second floor.

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Re: Using a different Router

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Been using the WRT1900AC since it's release and have a similar configuration.  My first setup was using the 1900AC is conjunction with the Actiontec, setting up the WRT as a bridge/secondary router (this is how it's running today).    Let me start by saying that I have no AC clients, just single or dual band N devices mostly.  Once the 1900AC came online, I was getting 5-bars in PC's in the corners of the house that were getting 2's and 3's before.  I was amazed at the huge increase in wirelss N performance.  

Next step was to kill the Wireless completely from the Actiontec, and once done, suffered nothing but better connectivity.

Last was to move the Actiontec out to the garage, next to the ONT and other Coax connecitons.  Mounted everything to a board and it looks good with easy access if needed.  The very last thing I'm looking to do is to attach this to a UPS so I maintain some connectivty when I loose power.


There is a very good Verizon Online FiOS FAQ on over at dslreports .com, where you'll focus on section 3.0 Networking.  It gives good table on using the Actiontec as the primary router, secondary, or removing it completely.  Several depedencies to consider, especially if you have Coax running to all of your Verizon STB's and you want to keep silly things like the on--screen Guide.  The best FAQ I've seen.  I am using conneciton selection #1. Secondary (LAN-to-WAN), so basically put, the 1900AC is nothing more than an access point for my wireless devices and works great.


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