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Using my own router, keeping FIOS TV working, stopping renting FIOS modem

Using my own router, keeping FIOS TV working, stopping renting FIOS modem

Contributor ps6fsu
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Registered: ‎06-06-2019

I am trying to lose the router as well so this whole thread was very helpful.  I have FIOS tv service and noticed that my VOD and guide were not working with the coax disconnected from the Verizion router.  What I do not understand is how the STBs are communicating with the router at all.  I have an ONT with coax going to a splitter and ethernet going to WAN port of router.  The coax coming from the ONT goes to the IN port of my splitter and then is split into 2 connections... 1) to the router and 2) to the rest of the STBs (via another splitter).  So there is no connection between STBs and router so how does this affect VOD and guide?

Contributor BosYinzer
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Registered: ‎06-07-2019

Very helpful -- I was wondering if the FiOS One STB only worked with Verizon router.  We have FiOS One and the basement TV is connected wirelessly, but the Verizon modem is about 3 walls away so signal was terrible.  Verizon technician who installed suggested getting Google Wifi, which I did.  Standing next to the STB and TV, my phone is picking up about 250 MB/s per Google Wifi app, but the TV itself is getting aout 25MB and the STB isn't even showing up as connected to the Google Wifi.  Sounds like I need to move the the Verizon router (and probably the puck) closer to the TV and STB, or get a long ethernet cord to connect them.

@CRobGauth wrote:

If you are going to use FiOS stbs, you will need FiOS router to activate them.

And if you are getting new FiOS one hardware, you can only use FiOS routers to support wireless connectivity for stb.

You will need to know how to configure router per the thread that mentions how to use your own router with FiOS stb.


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STBs communicate via MOCA.
That is, they talk to rotuer via coax.

So if you want to use your own router, you will need to either purchase a moca adapter or turn your FIOS router into a bridge.

It is best to read the thread in this forum on using your own router to ensure you get all of the proper settings needed to ensure full operation of your STB.

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