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Using own router and Verizon's for TV

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Using own router and Verizon's for TV

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So about a week ago, I installed my own router and connected my verizon router to one of the LAN ports on my own one. Recently however, my internet has been cutting in and out to the port of rebooting my own router and my Fios TV Mini's have been saying "Preparing Network Connection" whenever I turn them on.


I've had Verizon come out mulitple times for the connection lost problem and I've had almost everything replace (ONT, their router, the cabling) but nothing is working. I also cannot connect to the IP address I gave my verizon router so i can still access its settings ( because my router got I do have a internet connection, but it just cuts in and out every other day or so. Is this something I should address to Verizon again? Also, I recently found out my Verizon Router isn't communicating with any wired/wireless devices, including my Fios Tv Mini's and set up boxes. I have coaxial in Verizon's Router still, but I am not receiving any connection.

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Re: Using own router and Verizon's for TV

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Sounds like you might have a Double NAT situation. Ideally you want your Verizon as primary and your router in AP mode. This way everything including the set-top boxes are on the same subnet. This is the only setup that Verizon supports.

If you really need to have your router as primary make sure the Verizon router has the DHCP server disabled. If you can't access it anymore then hard reset it and reconfigure it with only it connected to you laptop/pc. Set it to and disable the DHCP server. Also disable the wifi. Then connect the LAN of your router to the LAN of the Verizon router and reboot your set-top boxes. 

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