VERY POOR customer service

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VERY POOR customer service

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This morning, after my internet was down at least 3 hours, I contacted FIOS customer service. The agent was nice and spent about 45 minutes running through checklists on both my & FIOS ends but could not get internet up and running. He scheduled a technician to come between 10am-3pm today to resolve the issue.


At 3:20 pm I called Verizon to find out why the technician did not show, nor was there any communication from Verizon updating my status. On the first call the recording said wait 2-4 minutes. 15 minutes later someone got on the line and before I could say anything the line went dead. 2nd call: told wait is under 2 minutes. At about 2 minutes I can hear being transferred through and THERE IS A BUSY SIGNAL. *&^%$#@. 3RD CALL: Once again told wait is under 2 minutes and finally I am able to speak to someone. He reviews notes and says MY APPOINTMENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED BECAUSE IT WAS "A NETWORK PROBLEM". No one bothered to call or text me to say that or that the appointment was cancelled. When asked why the morning phone technician spent 45 minutes trying to get me up and running, and did not know it was "A NETWORK PROBLEM", he had no answer other than he will "elevate" the problem  and the lack of communication. 




My time is as valuable as any Verizon employee's. If some one from Verizon reads this I expect to have a credit on my account for the time I wasted waiting for a non-existent technician, lack of communication, and the crummy phone customer service.

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VERY POOR Verizon service in getting a replacement DVR

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Sorry but I want to tack on to your posting since I cannot locate anything to post a NEW customer problem.


And, the site kind of SUCKS (sorry, but I am angrily annoyed) - I was already signed in to Verizon FiOS but the forum site wanted me to sign in again. When I tried, the site wanted to register me AGAIN - AND I AM ALREADY REGISTERED TO THIS FORUM!!!!


There was no spot for forgotten password either, on the FORUM and NOT on the Verizon sign in page....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, still angry but my post is about a replacement DVR box for which I am highly annoyed as of a few hours ago.

Saturday night, at the end of a 51 minute trouble shooting chat session with someone (in India), ticket number {edited for privacy}, I was told the replacement Cisco DVR would be sent NEXT BUSINESS DAY!!!

Guess what - a few hours ago I received a UPS shipper notification and was informed it was a 2 BUSINESS DAY shipment and NOTNext Day shipment.

And I specifically told the customer service person Sat. nighte, I could stop by on Sunday or Monday to pick up the replacement DVR at the nearest Verizon customer service office. But the catch for that is --->> having to wait 72 hours for the Verizon system to process the problem RATHER than the system processing the problem at the point when one calls customer service.


The replacement is because my current DVR went on the fritz and I have only had it for 14 months.  The defect rate should not cause DVRs, at this point in technological times, to c r a p out this fast.

And to make matters worse, there is still no way to transfer data from a DVR when Verizon makes a replacement.

My DVR problem is likely a bad chip or a circuit board and not the hard drive itself (I work in computers).







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