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VOIP (Bria 3) Phone Stopped Working...

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VOIP (Bria 3) Phone Stopped Working...

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I use Bria 3 from CounterPath VOIP phone for work, and everything was working fine a a few weeks ago.  Then, we started experiencing issues with our connection that Verizon ultimately was never able to figure out.  They sent a new router, we plugged it in, no change, so we connected the original router because changing the IP & everything would be a huge pain in the neck anyway.  Since that didn't work, a tech came out & did pretty much nothing... he ran the optimizer on one of the pc's, etc. etc.... we still continued having problems.  We have 4 computers on this network (3 laptops, 1 desktop, ranging from 1 brand new pc, 2 top of the line pc's & one older pc).  All of them were having the connectivity issue.  


Right around this time, all of a sudden, my soft phone stopped working.  It won't conenct at all.  So some setting has changed somewhere along the way, and Verizon wants to charge some insulting amount of money to troubleshoot it (something they are probably the culprits for to begin with).  


In any case, my soft phone works perfectly at any other house, on any other connection.  It's definitely this FiOS connection or router that is the problem.  CounterPath said, "It sounds like the FIOS router is not allowing the passage of the SIP signaling through to the computer running the soft phone.  I would check with the folks that support the unit as to how to allow seamless passage of SIP to your machine." 


Can anyone help with this?  I'm at a loss at this point.... 


Thank you

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Re: VOIP (Bria 3) Phone Stopped Working...

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#1 What is the DHCP Range of your current router?


If you don't know, it would help to know at least the brand and model of that router.


#2 I am not sure if it has something to deal with DNS, but it worth to check to be sure that the DNS Server(s) that your computer(s) are using are listed as green (up and running/repling to DNS queries, non Redirecting” nameservers) with the tool from


By Redirecting” nameservers they mean


Those that do not return errors when asked to lookup an invalid domain name. Instead, they redirect a web browser to another, often commercial marketing, page.

They show will up as orange.


If they show up as orange, changing the DNS Server(s) so show they green to see if that makes a difference for your issue.


This setting could be on the phone (if standalone), on the PC with this phone (this assumes this is a program that you downloaded and installed), OR in the router.



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