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VZ Actiontech 1424 Router

VZ Actiontech 1424 Router

Contributor newbomb
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Cannot log into the Actiontech router. Tried all the regular combo's  the admin's.  Is it possible, the installer built his own userid's and password?



Copper Contributor JohnA
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-05-2008
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The first login requires that it be changed. Default is admin/password. A lot change it to admin/password1. Techs with DSl experience often make it admin/admin.


Last resort is a hard reset with the small button on the back. Then you will go in on the defaults, and change it to what you want. A hard reset will set all settings back to default. If you have anything that was changed in it, it will need changed again. I suspect you have no special settings if the installer set it up.

Contributor fiosuser
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I have the same router ID and password that I did on my previous router.  This was done by the installer.  If you had a previous router, try your old settings.
Contributor ctmaven
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I have FIOS TV and Internet and everything's working very well right now, except I can't log into my router configuration page.  When I try to enter a password it makes 2 or 3 asterisks per char, and then says its the wrong password entered.  That just might be a standard security action and it might be the wrong password anyway.


In any event I can't access the router configuration page right now.  I'd like to hard reset it but I also have FIOS TV and I understand that service uses the router as well.  If I reset it and customize the SSID and my security settings will that interfere with the FIOS TV setup?  


Thanks, Chris

Copper Contributor JohnA
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-05-2008
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Won't affect the TV. Worst case, you will have to unplug, and replug the STBs, only if the STB do not reacquire IPs after the hard reset of the router.
Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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The multiple asterisks per character typed is just someone's idea of extra security, so somebody looking over your shoulder will be confused about how many and what characters you typed. Kinda silly to me... As someone said earlier, the default security info is admin/password. But that must be changed at first login, my tech changed it to admin/password1. I bet yours did too, just ignore the extra asterisks.


I don't think a reset of the router is going to hurt you. This is a Verizon router and is pretty much set up for the FiOS environment by default. But even if it does cause problems you should be able to get it set back with the help of the Verizon FSC.

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