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Verizon Connections / Military Discount difficulties

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Verizon Connections / Military Discount difficulties

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TL/DR: I am a new FiOS customer.  I applied via the connections website for a military discount prior to ordering.  I didn't immediately complete my order that day and ended up placing another one.  The discount is not appearing on my account and the connections website will not allow me to use my email address to apply for the discount again, stating that I'm already receiving the discount which is not true.  A chat agent was unable to help.  I'm hoping a Verizon agent sees this and can escalate to someone who can help.


Longer version:


When shopping for my Verizon plan, I used the Verizon Connections website to apply for the military discount.  I chose the appropriate website (for FiOS), gave my military email address, got the verification email, clicked through the link provided, and received a quote for my Verizon FiOS bundle that included the Connections discount.

I wasn't quite ready to confirm the order.  I saved the order.  I went back at a later date to finally complete the transaction.   I couldn't find my initial order and made a new one.  The Verizon Connections discount didn't appear on the new quote.  I tried to re-apply for the discount I got an error message stating that i was already receiving it.

I now have service and got my first bill.  The bill does not include the military/Verizon Connections discount.  I again went to the Connections website and tried to re-apply for the discount using the same .mil email address that I used the very first time I applied.   I again received the error message that I was already receiving the discount (which I am not actually receiving).  I had a long conversation with a chat agent this morning who essentially said I had to wait 1-2 months for the discount to be applied.

I believe that it never will be applied unless someone does something manually:  I believe that once I made and saved that first order -- the one I never executed -- my email address was somehow coded as "used" and cannot be applied to any other account or order, even though it's not actually being used for a discount right now.  I thnk someone probably needs to go in and clear that out, OR, just go in and assign the discount to my account manually.  I hope a Verizon agent reads this and can PM me with assistance.  If anyone else has been through this process please let me know.


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Re: Verizon Connections / Military Discount difficulties

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The problem was because you did not complete the first order. You placed it on hold.

when the system was accessed again that particular discount was locked out.

on the Fios order screen the discount can only be done via online only. Not over the phone etc.

I did not use Verizon Connections when I ordered online so I am barred from using it now.

On Verizon wireless their 15% discount can be applied for at anytime. In their case it’s a copy of your DD-214 or a photo of your VA ID (can be retired, active or medical) which you take a photo of and upload to Verizon. I am not sure the connections works the same way. However it takes 8-10 weeks before it shows up.

The Fios rep may have been telling you the truth. However you have a 30 day customer total satisfaction guarantee so if you wait the 8-10 weeks you cannot back out. So it’s a risk. And Verizon May say there is nothing they can do since it was for online ordering only.


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Re: Verizon Connections / Military Discount difficulties

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

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Re: Verizon Connections / Military Discount difficulties

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Sending private message.

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